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    sqlplus / as sysdba do not work anymore after upgrade to 11R2


      i just upgrade my 2 nodes cluster from to 11R2 under window 2003.

      My cluster and my database startup without problem.

      The only problem, i'm not able to open a sqlplus with / as sysdba.

      If i connect with a listener (alias in the tnsname) i can access to my database.

      In local mode it is not possible (It's like i can not use my sqlplus in local mode anymore).

      I have this message

      ORA-12557: TNS:protocol adapter not loadable

      in my file sqlnet.ora i still have the option AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES= (NTS)
      and my sqlplus associated to new directory (11gR2). If i do a tnsping, i can see the new directory is use.

      I think i'm to deep in the problem and i can not see the solution, i need someone else vision

      What can be my problem?