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    financial report


      my questions are very stupid one but any help will be really really appreciated.

      our Hyperion consultant has told us that we need to map/ link individual accounts to financial report. there is no way that a range of accounts can be mapped to a financial report/ note. is that right ?

      also, he wants us to import financial data on monthly basis into hyperion database. can we not link database of our financial system (sun financial) to hyperion instead of importing ?
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          Varun Kaushal
          1> If all the range of accounts are a children of a common parent account then you can pull them in the report all at once using select siblings/children.

          IF the accounts are under a different parent you can ask your consultant to make a shared hierarchy of the accounts in HFM which you want to pull in reports.

          2>I dont know if there is any adapter which connects Sun financials to HFM directly.

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            You do not need to hard code each account in the report. Financial Reports certainly supports ranges or accounts through functions such as ichildren, idescendants.

            If you are using FDM to integrate SUN with your EPM applciation (HFM or Planning), you already have a middle database - FDM. FDM is a application that is built on top of a relational database. It imports data from other relational databases or flat files into its own DB and then exports that information to another Hyperion applciation like HFM or Planning. FDM does have the ability to connect to any relational repository and retrieve data for loading into HFM/Planning.