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    Oracle Database Vault integration with EBS R12


      I want to integrate Oracle Database Vault with EBS R12. I have the following doubts on Installation & Integration:

      1. Is Enterprise manager console is required for Oracle Database Vault as it is mentioned in the Oracle Database Vault documentation that it uses Enterprsie Manager port. (http:<host>:<port>/dva)

      2. If EM is required then EM comes with R12 installation by default or we need to install it separately?

      3. SYSMAN user is required for creating EM repository and SYSMAN is not avilable with R12 database installation. so do we need to create this account and should grant all the roles/privileges?

      If any one did the integration of the same request provide the above inputs or any documentation.
      I have gone through the documentation in metalink (859397.1). Its useful but still i am not able to proceed furthur as i have the above doubts.

      Thanks in advance.