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    Why do we get First operand...error message when trying to change password

      I'm new at posting here, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I did search first to see if there was info on this already, but I didn't find anything. (If there is already something out there, please point me to it.)

      We are using PeopleSoft Financials 8.8 SP1.

      We have basic workflow enabled in expenses which generates an email to an approver with a link into PS Expenses (right to their worklist area) when they have an expense report to review. When the user clicks the link they are directed to the PS sign on page. Normally they can sign on without any problems. However, if their password has expried they will be redirected to a page which says "Your password has expired. Click here to change your password." When they click the link they recieve a blank page with an error message that starts out as "First operand of. is NULL, ".

      I cannot replicate it in our test environments.

      I have confirmed that we have the PSWDEXPR permission list in our environment.

      I have also confirmed that our template for Change Expired Password is correct (PeopleTools > Portal, Structure & Content > Folder, "Tools - Hidden" > Change Expired Password > Template is PRTL_TEMPLATE_PASSWORD_EXP)

      I have also tried changing our brower cache to 0. (PeopleTools >Personalization >Personalization Options > Option Category Level = PeopleTools, Format tab, User Option of METAXP. I changed METAXP to 0 instead of 900 which was set by default).

      The odd thing is that if the user waits one day, they can use the link in the expense workflow email and change their password no problem.

      Also, when our users do experience this problem, if they log into PeopleSoft without using the link from the expense workflow email the change password function works fine.

      The link seems to be okay since it works fine at all times unless the user is prompted to change their password.

      Any suggestions?