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    OFSA- Installation Failing for HP-Unix

      We have a HP-UP RISK 11.11 64 bit server on which we are trying to install OFSA 4.5 We are facing issues mounting the cdrom with pfs format.We get not rrip. error.Has anyone faced this issue ? Can anyone guide us to find a way out?
      # /usr/sbin/pfs_mount /cdrom_ofsa
      /usr/sbin/pfs_mount: /dev/dsk/c0t0d0 on /cdrom_ofsa: not rrip.
      /usr/sbin/pfs_mount: giving up on /cdrom_ofsa
      install server-centric OFSA 4.5
      Also if we dont use pfs mount command and use CDs command.. we are getting error of "/cdrom_ofsa/A89_0001/SERVER/HP" for
      root@. "/cdrom_ofsa/A89_0001/SERVER/HP"
      is not a valid depot..