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    Announcing  public discussion forum for Oracle Business Process Management 11gR1

      Hello all,
      (I posted Announcement already; just posting as thread to get more eyeballs)

      * As a part of our transition from Beta program to the released product, we have a separate public forum available to discuss post-release BPM issues.

      To access, please click the link below -- pointing to a page with various forums -- and click on "Business Process Management".


      * This current forum (Private Beta forum) will remain active for an additional week. (Till May-05-2010). After this date, we will convert it to a Read-Only forum. You will not be able to create any new threads; however, the existing discussions will be preserved and all the current members will be able to read the discussions.
      * No new members will be added to the Private Beta forum after today.

      Please contact medha.nanal@oracle.com if any questions or concerns.

      Thank you,


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