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    Progress Order

      Hi All,

      Currently user are releasing the lines which are on HOLD and then pressing the PROGRESS ORDER from the Actions menu. New requirement is as soon as user releases the hold then line should automatically progress.

      I have written an AFTER UPDATE TRIGGER on OE_ORDER_HOLDS_ALL and calling the following API.

      wf_engine.completeactivity('OEOL', to_char(:new.line_id), 'SCHEDULING_ELIGIBLE', null); to pogress the order but

      It gives me ERROR "You Can not progress the line, Line is on HOLD"

      I am wondering how to accomplish this.


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          The OM workflow architecture has been re-jigged in R12 so that it's not necessary to manually progress after the hold is released so I'm guessing that (like me) you're on 11.5

          Are you able to schedule any of the Oracle concurrent requests which progress order lines to PO Reqs, Drop Ship Reqs, WIP job creation etc? Try launching one of these after releasing a hold - it may be that it progresses your line for you without you having to try custom stuff. Worth a try anyway as all of these are capable of being scheduled.
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            Thanks for ur input. Yes we are in 11.5.10 but the problem is that we don't have any such concurrent reqs currently. I want to accomplish it once the hold is released.


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              Hmm, in that case I think the news is not good, John as I suspect a custom solution is going to be tougher than you think. But try looking at the base bug / ER for this known issue: Bug 1373910: PROGRESS WORKFLOW ON HOLD RELEASE

              As I mentioned earlier, this has been fixed in 12.1.1. These are the two relevant hold behaviour changes described in the release notes:

              Progress Workflow on Hold Release : After you release all order and order line or return and return line holds, that order or return becomes available for any subsequent workflow steps. If you release a hold source, the hold is automatically released for all appropriate orders, returns, or their lines. You can choose to progress the workflow or not, with the help of the Progress Workflow box on the Holds definition window and on the Release Holds window.

              Enhanced Workflow Activity Hold : With the existing Holds functionality in Order Management, a workflow activity hold gets applied to all open records, irrespective of the current workflow status. For instance, a picking activity hold gets applied on the record even if it has already passed the picking activity. With this change, the hold gets applied only on valid records, which have either not reached that specific workflow activity or the records status is not Complete.

              We had the same issue a while back with particular reference to dropshipped CTO lines (see Note 756199.1) and also considered a custom fix but from what I remember the fundamental problem is with the workflow architecture prior to R12.
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                Problem is resolved, We just called the custom concurrent program after updating the Release Hold Table. It worked fine.


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                  Can you please share me the steps which you have done to achieve the scenario to release and ship the order once we release the HOLDS on Order Header/Line level without using the Progess Order Option from Actions> Progress Order option and also share me what kind of custom program which you have developed to achieve this scenario.

                  We have the similar requirement like you.

                  Our Functionality as follows:

                  1. Once the Order is booked then Credit Hold is applied against at the Order Header Level
                  2. We are releasing the Hold from Actions tab
                  3. Now we are placing the cursor at Line Level and Progressing the Order using the Progress Order Option to fulfill and close the Sales Order lines.

                  Please share the information this will be very helpful for me to acheive my client requirement


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                    Hi Kevin,

                    Sorry for late reply, I created the trigger which submits the concurrent program: trigger was created on table ont.oe_order_holds_all,

                    Concurrent program calls the built in WF_ENGINE.CompleteActivity which progresses the workflow from the activity where it got stuck.

                    Let me know if you need complete code.