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    Not able to attach a file

      Hi Gurus,

      My Siebel Server Architecture is as below

      Server1: Siebel Web Server, Gateway, Siebel Server1
      Server2: Siebel Server2, Siebel File System
      Server3: DB Server

      Server1 and Server2 are running windows 2003 server OS. In this setup if the application session is connnected to the Object Manager in Server 2 it is accessing the file system without any issues attachment works fine. If the user session is connected to the Object Manager of Server 1 I am not able to attach any file and getting the below error messages:

      Error occurred while creating file in filesystem. Please contact your system administrator.(SBL-SVC-00184)

      In the object manager log file
      ObjMgrLog     Error     1     000000024bda1aa8:0     2010-04-30 16:56:05     (dirmgr.cpp (637)) SBL-DAT-00176: The path '\\xxxxxx\Sieb81FS\userpref' does not exist or is not a directory. If the problem persists, please contact your systems administrator.

      ObjMgrLog     Error     1     000000024bda1aa8:0     2010-04-30 16:56:05     (modpref.cpp (958)) SBL-DAT-00801: LoadPreferences: \\xxxxxx\Sieb81FS\userpref\SADMIN&xxxxx.spf: Preference file directory not found.

      In File System Manager log file
      FSM::createFile: Unable to open file \\xxxxxx\Sieb81FS\att\S_ACTIVITY_ATT_1-33Q2H_1-8HBP.SAF

      But a record is created in the Attachment view with the file name without the file ext and size populated. When I try to open the file by clicking on the drill down available on the file name it throws the following error:

      The file xxxxx.xxx could not be found on any specified file system.(SBL-UIF-00230)

      I could sense this error could be possibly the permission issue and tried the metalink every post says it is a permission after correcting the same the system is working fine but none of the information is clear stating these are the permissions should be available for the shared folder. Can any one help me in this?