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    Does the Mobile still need mapping data files installed in

      Customer is moving from MWM 3.0 to Currently they are required to install/copy a set of mapping data files to each MW. When they move to, do they still need to package the files and copy them to each MW? The are using the MapViewer SubSystem. They are using NavTeq maps, the latest version. If they do not need to install/copy the set of data for the maps, then how does the MW MapViewer get the necessary information to view the map? More specifically, at logon, does the server send the maps via the table version check mechanism?
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          The answer is "No". You don't need to copy map files to each mobile anymore if you plan on
          using the new mapviewer functionality that is available in the MWM 1.5.8 product.
          The maps are NEVER copied anywhere.
          What happens is when the mobile or DW needs a map update it will request a new map image from
          the MWM back-end (OAS server). This map will be something more like you would see on products like
          The mobile and DW have a built-in browser that simply shows you an updated map of the area that you are viewing.
          Each time the map needs to be updated a request will be sent out to the MWM back-end again and your
          map on the built-in brower will be refreshed.

          The MWM system uses the MWM database (which has the latest locations of the orders and crews on it)
          and the Naveteq spatial database to put together a map image that it sends to your mobile or DW unit.

          Think of our map viewer as you would any browser-based map system that you might locate on the internet.

          As long as you keep your Navteq database current you should always be "good to go".
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            The way I understand it, they will no longer need to copy the data down to each laptop with MWM 1.5.x - it uses Oracle MapViewer, which I believe uses web based (HTML/XML) based calls.