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    Supplier specific packaging unit for a purchase item


      I am currently looking for a field where we can store the information about how many of a purchased item have to be purchased at a supplier.

      Our item is some chemical foam which is delivered in bottles. This bottles are packed into cartons, and we have to order them in whole cartons.
      We setup our item 'chemical foam' with primary UOM of EA (each).
      We have 2 supplier for this item with a Blanket Purchase Agreement per supplier with a price per EA.

      But: At supplier A we have to order in cartons of 6 bottles (order quantity 6 EA, 12 EA, 18 EA,...) , at supplier B we there are 10 bottles in one carton --> have to order at least 10 bottles (order quantity has to be 10, 20, 30...)

      Where can I store this information? It must be somewhere item/supplier-combination specific. Best would be on BPA. But it is important that we see this informatin on the item catalog form when we enter a requisition.
      Unfortunately, I cannot find any field for this info.

      DFF would also be okay. But the DFF on BPA line is not visible in the Supplier Item Catalog form. And we definitely need the information there, when the user decides for which supplier he will make a requisition.

      Hope somebody had this problem sometimes as well and can help me.

      Many thanks in advance!!

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          Please, has nobody before came across this problem and managed to solve it somehow?

          I need any input on this as I have no ideas currently. Thanks!!!
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            In PO you can manage "Approve Supplier List" : you can define for each item one or several "approved" suppliers.
            You can manage in this table supplier reference, but also the purchasing UoM in the Supplier-Item attributes. From here you can also identify the corresponding blanket order.

            You can enforce use of ASL for some items, on the item GUI, tab Purchasing, check "Use Approve Supplier"

            If you use PO Open Interface to create/update your blanket order ASL can be automatically created, there's an option on the Request.

            To access ASL
            Resp PO Administrator
            Menu : Supply Base -> Approved Supplier List
            Once a ASL is defined you can access to attributes by the button "Attributes"

            Hope it help