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    How to execute a shell script as a part of the custom patch deployment?

      If you are using Customization Manager and you wanted to execute a custom shell script during the deployment of a custom patch, you could achieve it by following the steps below:

      1. Add the following driver instruction to the shell script:

      # exec <product> bin <filename> bin &phase=first checkfile:<product>:bin:<filename> <arguments to script>
      # dbdrv: exec xxco bin lokesh.sh bin &phase=first checkfile:xxco:bin:lokesh.sh hello

      2. The shell script should have a shebang line with proper $Header information.
      The $Header format should be:
      # $Header: <file name> <version> 2002/06/06 09:38 <author> noship $

      3. Create customization package including this script and deploy it using Patch Manager.