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    First feedback after 1 day with BPM11gR1

      This is my feedback after one day of work with the BPM11gR1 (installation from scratch, no reuse of beta2 environments):
      The goal of the first test was short:
      -> Making a small process in BPM Composer with 1 initiator task and 1 human task to validate without gateway, with the default role.
      -> Publish it in MDS repository
      -> Import it in JDeveloper and add 2 string data object ("name" and "lastOutcome")
      -> auto-generate human task
      -> deploy the process and screens (and mapping role and users)
      -> make one execution from start to end (only 2 steps) without any error.

      My observations during this quick test:
      - The "call" activities are activated in BPM Composer but not in JDeveloper
      - The name of activities and all graphical elements are not transfer from BPM Composer to JDeveloper (and from JDeveloper to BPM Composer)
      - During the auto-generation of the second human task, JDeveloper has frozen and needed to be killed by the Windows task manager. The project folder had to be cleaned manually.
      - The import from MDS in JDeveloper generate a double project windows folder (like
      - On first deployment (process + the 2 screens), JDeveloper ask to restart the server to finish the deployment of the 2 screens.
      - After writing the mail to ask the restart and doing 1 short work, I came back to JDeveloper and it was another time frozen (taking 30%-40% of CPU). I did not killed it immediately to see if it is just temporary frozen. I had waiting a meeting delay (more than 1 hour) without any modification on Jdeveloper => Another Windows kill.
      - After the reboot of the server, the initiator task works. I had the screen auto generated and I was able to submit the first step. But the second screen (just to approve or refuse) didn't work. I got an internal server error 500 (null pointer exception).
      - I had made several deployments of the 2 screens (the 2 screens are in the same .ear file and always deployed in same time). Sometimes the second screen worked but not the first, another time it was the first but not the second or both didn't work. I had never managed to have both screens working in the same time if I deploy them in the same deployment. To have both working screen, I needed to deploy them separately.
      - If we deploy the process and screens with the option "Append composite revision to name": the first time we got on ear profile name
      "BC-UI-BPMComposer_rev_c1v1.0", the second time "BC-UI-BPMComposer_rev_c1v1.0_rev_c1v1.0", etc...
      - I got another time the JDeveloper freeze. It's seems to append when I do nothing with it during a "long" delay.

      During this test a colleague had tried to design our prototype process (one main process with 2 possible starts (a human or a web service) with 4 sub-processes linked with service activities). He got same errors but also others:
      - One unwanted log-off during the design of BPM Composer
      - JDeveloper crash during Auto-generation of ADF Screens.
      - In the beginning, he had save the project on a network drive but JDeveloper was too slow. So he made a "make clean" and copy the project folder to a local hard drive. On the first deployment, JDeveloper had an error because it couldn't create the file: ..\myWork\<myApplicationName>\<myProjectName>\<myProjectName>\classes\scac_out.xml. He had to create manually the folder "classes" and after JDeveloper can start the deployment.
      - After the deployment, he had mapped all roles to users. But he couldn't manage to have the link in the application panel to start manually the process with the initiator task. He tested also by removing the web service start (and having just one human start).
      - He tried to create a small process, with just one initiator task reusing the initiator human task of the previous process but he got null pointer exception on delpoyment (even he put data object in process with mapping, added other human task)...
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          One explanation on null pointer exception during the deployment:

          In JDeveloper, with the wizard, we create an application with one BPM project and one BPM process.
          We can deploy this project.
          If we add a new process (with exactly the same feauture or with different features), we get the null pointer exception on deployment. If we remove the second process, we can redeploy. If we keep the second process and remove the first, we cannot deploy.

          This bug seems not be generated if all processes are created in a project with BPM composer. But if we import BPM Composer processes in JDeveloper AND we add a process in JDeveloper, we cannot deploy the project.
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            Hi Benoit,

            I wanted to let you know that we are looking into these issues (received also via email). But I would like to ask you to confirm your installation.

            Select Help/About and click the Versions tab. You should see

            BPMN Editor
            Oracle IDE
            SOA Composite Editor

            Please let us know.

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              Hi Heidi,

              The current used version was downloaded on OTN the 28th of April. SOA and BPM extension were imported by "check for update...".
              You can find bellow the a part of the about of JDeveloper :


              Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 1
              Studio Edition Version
              Build JDEVADF_11.1.1.3.PS2_GENERIC_100408.2356.5660
              Copyright © 1997, 2010 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
              IDE Version:
              Product ID: oracle.jdeveloper
              Product Version:


              Component     Version
              =========     =======
              ADF Business Components
              BPMN Editor
              Java(TM) Platform     1.6.0_18
              Oracle IDE
              SOA Composite Editor
              Versioning Support


              Name     Identifier     Version     Status
              ====     ==========     =======     ======
              ADF Business Components     oracle.BC4J     Loaded
              ADF Business Components Dependency     oracle.bc4j.dependency     Loaded
              ADF Business Components Deployment     oracle.bc4jdt.deploy     Loaded
              ADF Business Components Modeler     oracle.adfbcdt.modeler     Loaded
              ADF Business Components Tester     oracle.bc4j.tester     Loaded
              ADF Context Debugger     oracle.adf.share.debug     Loaded
              ADF Controller Configuration Design Time     oracle.adf.controller.config.dt     Loaded
              ADF Data Visualizations Design Time Tests     oracle.dvt.dt     Loaded
              ADF Debugger     oracle.adf.debug     Loaded
              ADF Debugger Diagram Support     oracle.adf.debug.diagram     Loaded
              ADF Desktop Integration Design Time     oracle.adfdt.desktopintegration     Loaded
              ADF Faces Cache     oracle.webcache     Loaded
              ADF Faces Data Visualization Tools Help     oracle.dvt-faces-doc     Loaded
              ADF Faces Databinding Design Time     oracle.adf-faces-databinding-dt     Loaded
              ADF Faces Design Time     oracle.adf-faces-dt     Loaded
              ADF Faces Design Time Migration     oracle.adffacesdt.migration     Loaded
              ADF Faces Runtime Help     oracle.adf-faces-rt-doc     Loaded
              ADF Faces Skin Design Time     oracle.adf-faces-skin-dt     Loaded
              ADF Java Server Faces Diagram     oracle.adf.jsf.diagram     Loaded
              ADF Library Design Time     oracle.jdeveloper.adflibrary     Loaded
              ADF Lifecycle Design Time     oracle.adf.lifecycle.dt     Loaded
              ADF Management Pages     oracle.adf.management     Loaded
              ADF Menu Model Design-Time     oracle.adfmenudt     Loaded
              ADF Page Flow Design Time     oracle.adf.pageflow.dt     Loaded
              ADF Page Flow Design Time Extras     oracle.adf.pageflow.dt.extras     Loaded
              ADF Page Template DT     oracle.adf-faces-templating-dt     Loaded
              ADF Region Design Time     oracle.adf-faces-region-dt     Loaded
              ADF Struts Page Flow Modeler     oracle.struts.adf     Loaded
              ADF Struts and Model One Databinding     oracle.adf.struts.and.model.one.databinding.dt     Loaded
              ADF Swing     oracle.adfdt.swingcore     Loaded
              ADF View Debugging Design Time     adf.view.debugging.dt     Loaded
              ADFv Common Databinding     oracle.adf-view-databinding-dt     Loaded
              Ant     oracle.ant     Loaded
              Application Server Manager     oracle.jdeveloper.asnav     Loaded
              Application State - Application Navigator     oracle.ideimpl.appstate.appnav     Loaded
              Application State - Editors     oracle.ide.appstate.editors     Loaded
              Application State Manager     oracle.ide.appstate     Loaded
              Archive Compare     oracle.jdeveloper.archive-compare     Loaded
              BAM     oracle.bam     11.1.1     Loaded
              BI Beans Graph     oracle.bibeans     Loaded
              BM metamodel framework     oracle.bm.meta     Loaded
              Bug Reporter     oracle.jdeveloper.bugfiler     Loaded
              Business Modelers     oracle.bm     Loaded
              Check For Updates     oracle.ide.webupdate     Loaded
              Code Editor     oracle.ide.ceditor     Loaded
              Command Line Formatting Support     oracle.jdeveloper.ojformat     Loaded
              Command Line Make/Rebuild Support     oracle.jdevimpl.oj-compiler     Loaded
              Common Controller Design-Time     oracle.controller.dt     Loaded
              Common Page Flow Design-Time     oracle.pageflow.dt     Loaded
              Component Palette     oracle.ide.palette1     Loaded
              Controller to ADF Bindings Bridge     oracle.controller.bindings.dt     Loaded
              Database Connection Support     oracle.jdeveloper.db.connection     Loaded
              Database Features (JDeveloper)     oracle.jdeveloper.db     Loaded
              Database Features (SQLDeveloper in JDeveloper)     oracle.jdeveloper.db.navigator     Loaded
              Database Modeler     oracle.dbmodeler     Loaded
              Database Modeler Migration     oracle.dbmodeler.migrate     Loaded
              Database Object Dependency API Support     oracle.jdeveloper.db.dependency     Loaded
              Database Object Explorers     oracle.ide.db.explorer     Loaded
              Database Object Transfer Framework     oracle.jdeveloper.db.transfer     Loaded
              Database UI     oracle.ide.db     Loaded
              Design Time Resource Bundle Variable Resolver     oracle.jdeveloper.resourcebundle.resolver.dt     Loaded
              Diagram Framework     oracle.diagram     Loaded
              Diagram Framework Toplink extensions     oracle.diagram.toplink     Loaded
              Diagram Javadoc Extension     oracle.diagram.javadoc     Loaded
              Diagram Thumbnail     oracle.diagram.thumbnail     Loaded
              Diagram to XMLEF Bridge     oracle.diagram.xmlef     Loaded
              Diff/Merge     oracle.ide.diffmerge     Loaded
              EJB     oracle.ejb     Loaded
              EJB Modeler     oracle.ejbmodeler     Loaded
              Editor Tint     oracle.ide.ceditor-tint     Loaded
              Editor Tint (Java)     oracle.jdeveloper.ceditor-tint-java     Loaded
              Extended IDE Platform     oracle.javacore     Loaded
              Extension Designtime Core     oracle.jdeveloper.extensiondt.core     Loaded
              Extension Designtime UI     oracle.jdeveloper.extensiondt.ui     Loaded
              External Tools     oracle.ide.externaltools     Loaded
              Feedback     oracle.ide.feedback     Loaded
              File Support     oracle.ide.files     Loaded
              Fusion Application Overview Definition     oracle.ide.appoverview.fusion.definition     Loaded
              Fusion Web Application (ADF) Template     oracle.adf.webapp.template     Loaded
              Go to File     oracle.ide.gotofile     Loaded
              Go to Java Type     oracle.jdeveloper.gotojava     Loaded
              HTML     oracle.html     Loaded
              Help System     oracle.ide.help     Loaded
              History Support     oracle.jdeveloper.history     Loaded
              IDE Reports Extension     oracle.ide.report     Loaded
              Import/Export Support     oracle.ide.importexport     Loaded
              Index Migrator support     oracle.ideimpl.indexing-migrator     Loaded
              J2EE     oracle.j2ee     Loaded
              J2EE     oracle.j2ee.webapp.ve     Loaded
              J2EE     oracle.j2ee.webapp.ve.facelets     Loaded
              J2EE CSS     oracle.css     Loaded
              J2EE Faces Config     oracle.j2ee.facesconfig     Loaded
              J2EE Web App     oracle.j2ee.webapp     Loaded
              J2EE-ADRS     oracle.j2ee.adrs     Loaded
              J2ee extension help     oracle.j2ee.help     Loaded
              JDeveloper     oracle.jdeveloper     Loaded
              JDeveloper Runner     oracle.jdeveloper.runner     Loaded
              JGoodies Forms     oracle.jdeveloper.jgoodies     Loaded
              JPublisher     oracle.jdeveloper.db.jpub     Loaded
              JSON Language support     oracle.jdeveloper.json     Loaded
              JViews Registration Addin     oracle.diagram.registration     Loaded
              Java Annotation Inspector     oracle.jdeveloper.annotation.inspector     Loaded
              Java Breadcrumbs     oracle.jdeveloper.ceditor-breadcrumbs-java     Loaded
              Java Class Modeler     oracle.javamodeler     Loaded
              Java Modeler Toplink extensions     oracle.javamodeler.toplink     Loaded
              Java Server Faces Page Flow Modeler     oracle.jsfmod     Loaded
              Java Structure Compare     oracle.jdeveloper.java-compare     Loaded
              Java Type Search     oracle.jdeveloper.searchbar.java     Loaded
              Java extension help     oracle.java.help     Loaded
              JavaBeans, Swing, and AWT     oracle.swingawt     Loaded
              JavaScript Language Support     oracle.ide.javascript     Loaded
              Jdeveloper UI Editor     oracle.jdeveloper.uieditor     Loaded
              Jdeveloper XML Extension     oracle.jdeveloper.xml     Loaded
              Legacy Controller Design-Time     oracle.controller.bm.dt     Loaded
              Legacy Preferences integration for BM     oracle.modeler.bm.prefs     Loaded
              Log Window     oracle.ide.log     Loaded
              MDS Extension     oracle.mds     Loaded
              MOF Ide Integration     oracle.mof.ide     Loaded
              MOF Modeler Integration     oracle.modeler.mof     Loaded
              Mac OS X Adapter     oracle.ideimpl.apple     Loaded
              Modeler Framework     oracle.modeler     Loaded
              Modeler Framework Common Layer     oracle.modeler.common     Loaded
              Modelling migration from BM     oracle.modeler.bm.migrate     Loaded
              Navigator     oracle.ide.navigator     Loaded
              Nightly Indexing support     oracle.ideimpl.indexing-rt     Loaded
              OAR/MAR/SAR Deployment Support Extension     oracle.deploy.orapp     Loaded
              OWSM Policy Manager Installer     oracle.jdeveloper.webservice.wsmpm.installer     Loaded
              Object Gallery     oracle.ide.gallery     Loaded
              Object Viewer     oracle.sqldeveloper.oviewer     Loaded
              Offline Database     oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb     Loaded
              Offline Database Import/Generate     oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.transfer     Loaded
              Offline Database Reports Extension     oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.report     Loaded
              Offline Database SXML     oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.sxml     Loaded
              Offline Database User Properties     oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.userprops     Loaded
              Offline Database User Properties SXML     oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.userprops.sxml     Loaded
              Oracle BPEL Designer     oracle.bpm.modeler     Loaded
              Oracle BPEL Designer Plugins     oracle.bpm.modeler.plugins     Loaded
              Oracle BPM DVM     oracle.bpm.dvm     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal     oracle.bpm.fusion.internal     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal     oracle.bpm.resources     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal ar     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-ar     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal cs     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-cs     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal da     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-da     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal de     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-de     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal el     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-el     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal en     oracle.bpm.resources-en     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal es     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-es     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal fi     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-fi     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal fr     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-fr     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal hu     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-hu     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal it     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-it     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal iw     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-iw     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal ja     oracle.bpm.resources-ja     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal ko     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-ko     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal nl     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-nl     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal no     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-no     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal pl     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-pl     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal pt     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-pt     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal pt_BR     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-pt_BR     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal ro     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-ro     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal ru     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-ru     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal sk     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-sk     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal sv     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-sv     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal th     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-th     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal tr     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-tr     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal zh_CN     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-zh_CN     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Internal zh_TW     oracle.bpm.resourcesrt-zh_TW     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.fusion.core     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.fusion.repository     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.fusion.builder     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.fusion.ui     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.fusion.designer     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.fusion.studio     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio     oracle.bpm.tests.jdev-test     Loaded
              Oracle BPM Studio SOA Extension     oracle.bpm.fusion.soa     Loaded
              Oracle BPM XREF     oracle.bpm.xref     Loaded
              Oracle Business Rules Designer     oracle.bpm.rules     Loaded
              Oracle Database Browser     oracle.sqldeveloper.thirdparty.browsers     Loaded
              Oracle ESS Designer     oracle.bpm.ess     Loaded
              Oracle Enterprise Repository Editor     oracle.jdeveloper.oereditor     Loaded
              Oracle Events Designer     oracle.bpm.events     Loaded
              Oracle Fabric Plugins     oracle.sca.modeler.plugins     Loaded
              Oracle Human Task Designer     oracle.bpm.workflow     Loaded
              Oracle IDE     oracle.ide     Loaded
              Oracle JDevloper Deployment Core Module     oracle.deploy.core     Loaded
              Oracle MDS Design time     oracle.mds.dt     Loaded
              Oracle Mobile ADF     oracle.wireless.dt     Loaded
              Oracle Page Templates     oracle.adf-page-template-samples     Loaded
              Oracle SOA Composite Editor     oracle.sca.modeler     Loaded
              Oracle SOA Mediator     oracle.sca.mediator     Loaded
              Oracle SQL Developer     oracle.sqldeveloper     Loaded
              Oracle SQL Developer Reports     oracle.sqldeveloper.report     Loaded
              Oracle SQL Developer Worksheet     oracle.sqldeveloper.worksheet     Loaded
              Oracle XML Schema Support     oracle.sqldeveloper.xmlschema     Loaded
              PL/SQL Debugger     oracle.jdeveloper.db.debug.plsql     Loaded
              PROBE Debugger     oracle.jdeveloper.db.debug.probe     Loaded
              Peek     oracle.ide.peek     Loaded
              Persistent Storage     oracle.ide.persistence     Loaded
              Profiler     oracle.jdeveloper.profiler     Loaded
              Properties File Support     oracle.jdeveloper.props     Loaded
              Property Inspector     oracle.ide.inspector     Loaded
              Quick Start Features for Web Applications     quickstart.webapp.dt     Loaded
              QuickDiff     oracle.ide.quickdiff     Loaded
              REST Web Services     oracle.jdeveloper.webservice.rest     Loaded
              Refactoring     oracle.jdeveloper.refactoring     Loaded
              Replace With     oracle.ide.replace     Loaded
              Reports Extension     oracle.javatools.report     Loaded
              Resource Bundle Support     oracle.ide.resourcebundle     Loaded
              Resource Bundle Support for Properties Files     oracle.jdeveloper.resourcebundle.props     Loaded
              Resource Catalog Application Server Adapter     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter     Loaded
              Resource Catalog DB UI extension     oracle.jdeveloper.db.rcadapter.ui     Loaded
              Resource Catalog Database Adapter     oracle.jdeveloper.rcdbadapter     Loaded
              Resource Catalog WSIL Adapter     oracle.jdeveloper.rcwsiladapter     Loaded
              Resource Lookup     oracle.jdeveloper.rclookup     Loaded
              Runner     oracle.ide.runner     Loaded
              SQL*Plus Integration     oracle.jdeveloper.db.sqlplus     Loaded
              SQLJ     oracle.jdeveloper.sqlj     Loaded
              Search Bar     oracle.ide.searchbar     Loaded
              SearchBar Commands     oracle.ide.searchbar.commands     Loaded
              Searchbar Preferences     oracle.ide.searchbar.preferences     Loaded
              Snippet Window     oracle.sqldeveloper.snippet     Loaded
              Struts Page Flow Modeler     oracle.struts     Loaded
              Studio     oracle.studio     Loaded
              Studio extension help     oracle.studio.help     Loaded
              Template     oracle.ide.ceditor-template     Loaded
              TopLink     oracle.toplink     Loaded
              Trinidad Databinding Design Time     oracle.trinidad-databinding-dt     Loaded
              Trinidad Design Time     oracle.trinidad-dt     Loaded
              UDDI Resource Catalogue Provider     oracle.jdevimpl.uddiadapter     Loaded
              UML XMI     oracle.uml.v2.xmi     Loaded
              UML v2     oracle.uml.v2     Loaded
              UML v2 Activity Modeler     oracle.uml.v2.activity     Loaded
              UML v2 Class Diagram     oracle.uml.v2.clazz     Loaded
              UML v2 Migration     oracle.uml.v2.migrate     Loaded
              UML v2 Sequence Diagram     oracle.uml.v2.sequence     Loaded
              UML v2 Transformation to Java     oracle.uml.v2.umljava     Loaded
              UML v2 Use Case Diagram     oracle.uml.v2.usecase     Loaded
              UML2 Modelers Common Classes     oracle.uml.v2.modeler     Loaded
              URL Connection     oracle.jdevimpl.urlconn     Loaded
              VHV     oracle.ide.vhv     Loaded
              Versioning Support     oracle.jdeveloper.vcs     Loaded
              Versioning Support for Subversion     oracle.jdeveloper.subversion     Loaded
              Virtual File System     oracle.ide.vfs     Loaded
              WSDL Chooser     oracle.jdeveloper.wsdllookup     Loaded
              WSDL web services extension     oracle.jdevimpl.wsdl     Loaded
              Web Browser and Proxy     oracle.ide.webbrowser     Loaded
              Web Services     oracle.jdeveloper.webservice     Loaded
              WebDAV Connection Support     oracle.jdeveloper.webdav2     Loaded
              WebStart     oracle.j2ee.webstart     Loaded
              XML Compare     oracle.jdeveloper.xml-compare     Loaded
              XML Editing Framework IDE Extension     oracle.ide.xmlef     Loaded
              XML Editing Framework Java Integration     oracle.jdeveloper.xmlef     Loaded
              XSL Mapper     oracle.bpm.mapper     Loaded
              adf-deploy-dt     oracle.adfdt.common.deploy     Loaded
              adf-deploy-dt-mds     oracle.adfdt.common.deploy.mds     Loaded
              adf-installer-ide     adf.installer.dt     Loaded
              adf-jmxdc-ide     oracle.adf.jmxdc     Loaded
              adf-logging-dt     oracle.adf.logging.dt     Loaded
              adf-model-debugger-dt     oracle.adf-model-debugger-dt     Loaded
              adf-model-tools     oracle.adf.model.tools     Loaded
              adf-security-policy-dt     oracle.adfdtinternal.adf-security-policy-dt     Loaded
              adf-share-deploy-dt     oracle.adf.share.deploy.dt     Loaded
              adf-share-dt     oracle.adf.share.dt     Loaded
              adfmcoredt-xdf     oracle.adfm.xdf     Loaded
              adfquerylovdt     oracle.adf-faces-query-and-lov-dt     Loaded
              analytics.measurement     oracle.bpm.analytics.measurement     Loaded
              appoverview     oracle.ide.appoverview     Loaded
              asnav-weblogic     oracle.jdeveloper.asnav.weblogic     Loaded
              audit     oracle.ide.audit     Loaded
              audit-core     oracle.ide.audit.core     Loaded
              bam     oracle.bpm.bam     Loaded
              bi-jdbc     oracle.bi.jdbc     Loaded
              boot     oracle.bpm.boot     Loaded
              bpa     oracle.bpm.bpa     Loaded
              bpm-services.client     oracle.bpm.bpm-services.client     Loaded
              bpm-services.interface     oracle.bpm.bpm-services.interface     Loaded
              bpmobject     oracle.bpm.bpmobject     Loaded
              bpmobject.datacontrol     oracle.bpm.bpmobject.datacontrol     Loaded
              bpmobject.runtime     oracle.bpm.bpmobject.runtime     Loaded
              chart     oracle.bpm.chart     Loaded
              classpath: protocol handler extension     oracle.jdeveloper.classpath     Loaded
              compiler     oracle.bpm.compiler     Loaded
              compiler.debug     oracle.bpm.compiler.debug     Loaded
              compiler.xpath     oracle.bpm.compiler.xpath     Loaded
              configuration     oracle.bpm.configuration     Loaded
              connectors     oracle.bpm.connectors     Loaded
              core     oracle.bpm.core     Loaded
              dashboard     oracle.bpm.dashboard     Loaded
              db-audit     oracle.ide.db.audit     Loaded
              db-modeler-transform     oracle.dbmodeler.transform     Loaded
              dcadapters-ide     oracle.adfm.dc-adapters     Loaded
              dependency-java     oracle.jdeveloper.java.dependency     Loaded
              dependency-refactor     oracle.jdeveloper.refactoring.dependency     Loaded
              deploy-ant     oracle.deploy.ant     Loaded
              deploy-rt     oracle.jdevimpl.deploy-rt     Loaded
              designer     oracle.bpm.designer     Loaded
              editor     oracle.bpm.editor     Loaded
              fdi     oracle.bpm.fdi     Loaded
              feedback-client2     oracle.ideimpl.feedback2.client     Loaded
              fuegoui     oracle.bpm.fuegoui     Loaded
              fusion.sca     oracle.bpm.fusion.sca     Loaded
              fusion.scac     oracle.bpm.fusion.scac     Loaded
              ide-diagnostics     oracle.ide.diagnostics     Loaded
              j2ee-adrsimpl     oracle.j2ee.adrsimpl     Loaded
              j2ee-facelets     oracle.j2ee.facelets     Loaded
              j2ee-jpsconfig     oracle.j2ee.jpsconfig     Loaded
              j2ee-security     oracle.j2ee.security     Loaded
              j2ee-server     oracle.j2ee.server     Loaded
              j2ee-server-dt     oracle.j2ee.server.dt     Loaded
              j2ee-serverimpl     oracle.j2ee.serverimpl     Loaded
              j2ee-weblogic     oracle.j2ee.weblogic     Loaded
              j2ee-weblogic-editors     oracle.j2ee.weblogic.editors     Loaded
              jdukshare     oracle.bm.jdukshare     Loaded
              lib     oracle.bpm.lib     Loaded
              library-dconfig-infra     oracle.jdeveloper.library.dconfig.infra     Loaded
              library-jee-api     oracle.jdeveloper.library.jee.api     Loaded
              library-jmx     oracle.jdeveloper.library.jmx     Loaded
              library-jps     oracle.jdeveloper.library.jps     Loaded
              library-weblogic-api     oracle.jdeveloper.library.weblogic.api     Loaded
              library-weblogic-client     oracle.jdeveloper.library.weblogic.client     Loaded
              mof     oracle.mof     Loaded
              mof-index     oracle.mof.index     Loaded
              mof-xmi     oracle.mof.xmi     Loaded
              obpi     oracle.bpm.obpi     Loaded
              oracle.adfm     oracle.adfm     Loaded
              oracle.adfm.contextual     oracle.adfm.contextual     Loaded
              oracle.dynamic-faces-dt     oracle.dynamic.faces     Loaded
              oracle.ide.dependency     oracle.ide.dependency     Loaded
              oracle.ide.filequery     oracle.ide.filequery     Loaded
              oracle.ide.indexing     oracle.ide.indexing     Loaded
              oracle.ide.usages-tracking     oracle.ide.usages-tracking     Loaded
              oracle.todo.tasks     oracle.todo.tasks     Loaded
              palette2     oracle.ide.palette2     Loaded
              papi     oracle.bpm.papi     Loaded
              parser     oracle.bpm.parser     Loaded
              placeholder-jsf-ui     oracle.placeholderjsf-ui     Loaded
              placeholderdc-dt     oracle.placeholderdc.dt     Loaded
              pml.service     oracle.bpm.pml.service     Loaded
              project     oracle.bpm.project     Loaded
              project.catalog     oracle.bpm.project.catalog     Loaded
              project.command     oracle.bpm.project.command     Loaded
              project.compile     oracle.bpm.project.compile     Loaded
              project.draw     oracle.bpm.project.draw     Loaded
              project.importer     oracle.bpm.project.importer     Loaded
              project.interface     oracle.bpm.project.interface     Loaded
              project.io     oracle.bpm.project.io     Loaded
              project.metadata     oracle.bpm.metadata     Loaded
              project.model     oracle.bpm.project.model     Loaded
              project.ui     oracle.bpm.project.ui     Loaded
              project.view     oracle.bpm.project.view     Loaded
              rcasadapter-dt     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter.dt     Loaded
              rcasadapter-oc4j     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter.oc4j     Loaded
              rcasadapter-rescat2     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter.rescat2     Loaded
              rcasadapter-thirdparty     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter.thirdparty     Loaded
              rcasadapter-weblogic     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter.weblogic     Loaded
              rcasadapter-weblogic-api     oracle.jdeveloper.asadapter.weblogic.api     Loaded
              rescat2     oracle.jdevimpl.rescat2     Loaded
              resourcebundle-api-adfdeps     oracle.jdeveloper.resourcebundle.adfdeps     Loaded
              resourcebundle-api-xliff     oracle.resourcebundle.xliff     Loaded
              resourcebundle-customization     oracle.jdeveloper.resourcebundle.customization     Loaded
              rmi     oracle.bpm.rmi     Loaded
              searchbar-gallery     oracle.ide.searchbar.gallery     Loaded
              searchbar-help     oracle.ide.searchbar.help     Loaded
              searchbar-index     oracle.ide.searchbar.index     Loaded
              status     oracle.ide.status     Loaded
              tests.core     oracle.bpm.tests.core     Loaded
              ui     oracle.bpm.ui     Loaded
              vfilesystem     oracle.bpm.vfilesystem     Loaded
              web.execution     oracle.bpm.web.execution     Loaded
              web.formdesigner     oracle.bpm.web.formdesigner     Loaded
              xml     oracle.bpm.xml     Loaded
              xml-schema-dt     oracle.jdevimpl.xml.schema     Loaded
              xobject.devel     oracle.bpm.xobject.devel     Loaded
              xobject.runtime     oracle.bpm.xobject.runtime     Loaded
              xsl-dt     oracle.jdevimpl.xml.xsl     Loaded
              xsqldt-ide     oracle.xsqldt-ide     Loaded

              Best regards,

              • 4. Re: First feedback after 1 day with BPM11gR1
                Could you elaborate on the following issue?
                - The name of activities and all graphical elements are not transfer from BPM Composer to JDeveloper (and from JDeveloper to BPM Composer)

                • 5. Re: First feedback after 1 day with BPM11gR1
                  The name of activities and all graphical elements are not transfer from BPM Composer to JDeveloper (and from JDeveloper to BPM Composer) :

                  - I have designed a process in BPM Composer. On the fiorst human activity, I have put the name "initSimpleBPMCompser".
                  - I have published my process in MDS repository
                  - In JDeveloper, Ihave imported the process and I was able to see the name of the first activity : "User task"
                  - I changed it in Jdeveloper to "JDev User task"
                  - I published the new version of the process in the MDS repository
                  - I opened the new process in BPM Composer and I was able to see "initSimpleBPMCompser".

                  If I look internal files:
                  - In the JDeveloper .bpmn file, I have now :
                  <userTask implementation="other" isForCompensation="false" name="JDev User task" id="activity0">

                  - It is the same value in blob in the table MDS_STREAMED_DOCS (MDS database)

                  - But in the table MDS_COMPONENTS, the COMP_VALUE = initSimpleBPMCompser


                  • 6. Re: First feedback after 1 day with BPM11gR1
                    I have to add one problem:
                    Today, we have retrieved the problem with the "PermGen space" on server side:

                    ******** ADMIN ******
                    <May 6, 2010 3:47:02 PM CEST> <Warning> <org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.context.RequestContextImpl> <BEA-000000> <Could not find partial trigger reportsTree from RichPanelGroupLayout[UIXFacesBeanImpl, id=j_id_id2pc28]>
                    <May 6, 2010 3:47:19 PM CEST> <Warning> <oracle.adf.share.http.ServletADFContext> <BEA-000000> <Found wrong applictionScope sticking to oldContext for oldApplication BC-UI-ValidateInstance, while the current one is OracleBPMWorkspace>
                    <May 6, 2010 3:47:25 PM CEST> <Warning> <org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.context.RequestContextImpl> <BEA-000000> <Could not find partial trigger reportsTree from RichPanelGroupLayout[UIXFacesBeanImpl, id=j_id_id2pc28]>
                    <May 6, 2010 3:47:25 PM CEST> <Warning> <oracle.adf.share.http.ServletADFContext> <BEA-000000> <Found wrong applictionScope sticking to oldContext for oldApplication BC-UI-ValidateInstance, while the current one is OracleBPMWorkspace>
                    <May 6, 2010 3:48:52 PM CEST> <Error> <oracle.soa.mediator.dispatch.db> <BEA-000000> <DBContainerIdManager:run() failed with error.Rolling back the txn
                    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '2' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "Thread-41" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "[STANDBY] ExecuteThread: '15' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "weblogic.work.j2ee.J2EEWorkManager$WorkWithListener@4255b1" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "weblogic.work.j2ee.J2EEWorkManager$WorkWithListener@f8de6b" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '6' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "weblogic.work.j2ee.J2EEWorkManager$WorkWithListener@1f6a0e0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '11' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "[STANDBY] ExecuteThread: '19' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "Timer-14" Exception in thread "QuartzScheduler_FabricScheduler-caprica2.cec.eu.int1272974842705_MisfireHandler" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
                    Exception in thread "weblogic.work.j2ee.J2EEWorkManager$WorkWithListener@156b40d" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space


                    • 7. Re: First feedback after 1 day with BPM11gR1
                      Good afternoon,

                      Here a summary of problems found today :

                      1) In JDeveloper, windows Refresh problem. For example if we are in the properties of a human activity and we map the data, after the OK on the mapping, the windows of the properties is not refresh and we cannot see values or buttons.

                      2) warning/error flags and messages consistancy problem :
                      -> some warning flag on BPMN process give an error on compilation (for example, if we don't implement a message activity)
                      -> some good things give an warning in compilation (for example: WARNING: in PrototypeERDF_Generic.task: Error assignee not specified. This specified message is strange : warning & error in the same message).
                      -> sometimes we can have a warning flag on up on the tab with the process name, but not in the treeview and not in compilation
                      -> on extensions logs, we have one error (Error: Field{0} of analyzer {1} references undefined bean {2}) and severals warning (.jar not found), but we can deploy.
                      -> etc ...

                      3) reduction of swimlane is not possible even if we have many space with no object in this swimline.

                      4) Human task title, xpath, when we modify a XPath expression with the button "Build title from Xpath...", JDevelop open the expression builder without the old expression. We type our new expression and it is concatenated to the old expression.

                      5) When we modify the human task title and click on "save all" button, the file name "human_task.task" in the tab is keep in italic. If we click on the "save" button, it is OK.

                      6) After the deployment, my "generic" human task title has changed, but the modification in the process were not deployed (several swimlanes, human tasks and gateways added). (I always deploy with the overwrite composite and overwrite ear options).

                      7) In entreprise manager, When we try to delete instance in status "stale" we get this error message : Error deleting the composite instances. Please view the log file for details.
                      and in server logs :
                      <May 7, 2010 4:10:52 PM CEST> <Error> <oracle.bpm.common> <BEA-000000> <Exception

                      oracle.bpm.bpmn.engine.service.audit.persistence.AuditPersistenceException: java.lang.NullPointerException
                      at oracle.bpm.bpmn.engine.service.audit.impl.AuditService.publishToMeasurement(AuditService.java:731)

                      The "delete with options" -> "all instances of this composite" has worked and all instances were deleted