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    Convert Oracle Reports to BI Publisher

      I'm new to BI Publisher. I have Installed Oracle reports 10g and BI Publisher. I 'm trying to convert Oracle Reports to BI Publisher.
      I created a .rdf report and created a xml file using rwconverter.exe but not able to upload this XML file into BI publisher because it only uploads .zip or .xdo files.
      How can I convert *.rdf to BI Publisher report*?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Check these out if you haven't already done so:




          Good luck!
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            Even we have done the same type of requirement, but over here we have created newly.

            Created data template from the Oracle reports query,created parameters and then .RTF template.

            let me know what sort of requirement is yours...
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              I am in process of converting the RDF files to BI Publisher report files. Here is the process I followed.

              1) Pre-requisites: I have Oracle Developer Suite ( (i.e. Report Builder and Oracle BI Publisher

              2) Converted RDF report to XML report using "rwconverter".

              3) Creating Data template from Oracle Report using DataTemplateGenerator. This creates the XML query template and DB package files.

              4) Creating RTF template from Oracle Report using RTFTemplateGenerator. This creates the RTF file.

              5) Update the DB package and XML file to make sure the SQL query and other related are working as expected or not.

              6) Loaded the Query Template (modified xml file), Format Template (modified RTF template) and then link them to OTM (Oracle Transport Management) report.

              7) When running the report from OTM UI, I received the below error. I tried lot of options, but no luck. Basically the lexical parameters are containing the null value in the DB package. If I don't pass any variables then report works fine.

              Any help is greatly appreciated.

              At 2010-07-20 01:49:14.214

              BI Publisher Error during Content Generation

              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Logger.init(): *** DEBUG MODE IS OFF. ***
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Template parsing started...
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Data Template ......
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLDocument@61eef6cf
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Inside properties Parser...
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] xml_tag_case=upper
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Inside parameterParser...
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Parameter:P_L_START_DATE Default value: 1=1
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Inside dataQueryParser...
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Template parsing completed...
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Setting Data Template
              [072010_014914212][][STATEMENT] Setting JDBC Connection
              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] Start process Data
              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] Process Data ...
              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] Executing data triggers...
              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] BEGIN

              :XDO_OUT_PARAMETER := 1;

              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] 1:SAME AS~'2010-07-19' :
              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] Executing data triggers...
              [072010_014914213][][STATEMENT] Declare
              l_flag Boolean;
              l_flag := sscc_tender_recap_manual_v4.afterpform ;
              if (l_flag) then
              :XDO_OUT_PARAMETER := 1;
              end if;

              [072010_014914214][][EXCEPTION] SQLException encounter while executing data trigger....

              Lakshmi Padileti