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    WMS R12 MHE using WCS,Carousel Bridge,Device Simulator?

    Amit D

      Do we have any document on Material Handling Device Integration with Oracle WMS in R12.1.1 ? I have got the MHE Integration white for 11.5.10 CU1 release & screen shots in this document are of 11i.

      But when I tried Device Integration using Device Simulator & WCS Layer, the Deive Directive Request is passed on to the Device after pressing Ctrl+P hotkey. It's showing in Directive Queue as well. But we are not getting the response back from the device simulator. Done all the required setups as listed in 11.5.10.CU1 MHE Integration white paper. Even in R12.1.1, the Listener Status & Job status are not seen

      Can somebody please help ? Need help on setting up Carousel Bridge, Device Simulator , Device Response , Device Directive Request --specially in R12.1.1 when there is no physical PLC device


      Amit Deshpande