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    Overwriting Deployment & Server Performance


      When we try to deploy another version of Project and ProjectUI by selecting the overwrite option, the deployment fails and gives the error "Deployment incomplete, UI project already exists". Any way to overcome this?

      We also noticed that the server performance is very slow. we have the recommended hardware for the server but the deployment, workspace, enterprise manager takes a lot of time to load. Are there any specific server performance recommendations that you can share?

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          When you deploy the composite project from JDeveloper on the 3rd screen in the wizard ("Task Flow Deployment") make sure you place a check in the "overwrite EAR" checkbox up top. I believe that will take care of the "Deployment incomplete, UI project already exists" error.
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            Remember that you do not need to re-deploy your UI projects when you redeploy your BPM composite unless they have changed. Save some deployment time!

            The first time you open EM, workspace, etc after a server restart, they will be slow as they are compiled but after that they will be pretty quick.

            It's hard to talk about performance settings without knowing more about your installation. But, this has been discussed in the forum before. Look back at previous posts with "performance" or "memory" in the search string.