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    Refresh other parameters on change ( Text parameter and LOV)


      I have created 1 LOV and 2 normal parameters,

      LOV_APPT_NBR ( select distinct appt_nbr from appointment where facility_id:=P_FACILITY_ID)


      I have checked the option Refresh other parameters on change for P_FACILITY_ID

      Inspite of that the P_APPT_NBR parameters is not getting refreshed...

      is it any BI Publisher limitation ??

      Ashoka BL
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          Hi Ashoka,

          if you create a LOV for facility_ID,and set facility_ID as a parameter of type MENU it would work.

          I assume you are entering the facility ID as a text parameter.. Obvouusly BIP would require a trigger, to know when to refresh the parameters, in case of a menu paramter, the menu selection works as the trigger. For a text paramter every keystroke as a trigger would not make sense. Oracle could have provided a way (i dont know if they have.. perhaps some hotkey combination) to alert BIP that you have finished entering your text parameter, and want the other parameters to refresh accordingly...
          if not....youre right as of now it seems to be a limitation.