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    Creating File DSN data source

      Hi All,

      Have anyone tried creating a data source connection for File DSN (A type of ODBC data source)? if yes, please post what exact steps to be followed to make a file DSN connection.

      (File DSN can be seen at windows control panel --> Administrative tools --> Data sources (ODBC))

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          Rajesh Lathwal
          Hi Roshan,

          Please read below example.. It is for SQL server so just select Oracle instead of that during configuration.


          Also check


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            Hi Rajesh thanks for that.

            I had tried the first link.

            To be more specific on my iissue -
            I have already created the file DSN but this file DSN has no data source name attached to it, am not even able to assign a data source name it.

            Now there are two issues -
            1. We need data source name while creating a new data source in weblogic admin console, which i am not able assign/find.
            2. Is it possible to create a data source in weblogic admin console without using data source name, if yes, how can i do it?

            Problem is with creating the connection URL which will contain driver name, machine name, port number and the data source name.


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