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    Integration with EMC Centera

      Has anyone used Content DB/Records DB with EMC Centera? Can't find much documentation about it anywhere but have found some notes about how to archive data off to Centera but nothing about getting it back. Specifically, if we query Centera with the C-Clip Content Address, how do we convert the Centera Binary Object back in to a form we can process? I suppose it will have to come back through Oracle Records DB? Is this information still recorded as folders in the Content Manager?

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hi Ian,

          if you configured your CDB/RDB to archive content to EMC Centera, then only the binary content object will move out of the database schema into Centera. All other metadata information and relationships like folder structure, name, creator, create date, etc, will remain in the database repository of CDB/RDB.

          It is absolutely transparent for any end user or custom code where the content is actually stored. The business logic of CDB/RDB knows how to get the content back to the client, no matter if it is stored as BLOB in the database, BFILE on a filesystem or as a binary object in Centera. Centera does not know what type of content it is nor any relationship to any origin folder. In this case Centera is just used as a dumb content store.

          Hope that helps.

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            Hi Frank,
            That's great! Just the reply I wanted to hear.