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    Does MWM v 1.5X suport network install to mobile devices?

      Does MWM v 1.5x support network install to mobile devices. We are upgrading from MWM 1.3 and understand it did not support network install to mobile devices (e.g. laptops)
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          MWM doesn't push itself out to machines. However, you can use the a third party/Windows app to remotely install (AKA "push") MWM out to other machines. Most common is Afaria.... Though, I hear Soti software also makes software to push installations out.

          Another approach is that you could do the initial install on laptops, and create a shortcut on the desktop for the Mobile Workstation. This shortcut, when executed, would need to compare the timestamp/version of the files on the laptop with a central installation of the Mobile Workstation (say on the server). If the server version is newer, then you could initiate a silent install to update the laptop.

          This type of approach is usually the most effective for those without centralized dedicated to "pushing" Applications out. You can even create such scripts for free, using tools like "AutoIt" (available at http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/index.shtml ).