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    Oracle SQL Developer

      hello all-

      I have installed Oracle 11g & i am trying to use Oracle SQL Developer to create a New data base connection. I am not sure if there is a default username / Password that i should use to create the new connection ? When i installed 11G

      it didnt asked me for a username but it did asked me for a password. I remember in Oracle express addition there was a dedualt username that was used not sure about 11G . Does anyone have a clue on this one ?

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          During Oracle DB creation, it may have asked you to setup the password for sys, system and dbsnmp. All other default account will have account locked. So you should use system account with the password you provided during db creation.

          Oracle no longer create the old scott/tiger user.


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            ok so here is what i did.

            I dowm loaded Oracle 11G database from edelivery & installed it . When we do a installation it just asks for a Administrative Password & SID. It dosen't ask for a username. Once the database was installed i installed the client (Oracle SQL Developer) & I am trying to make a new database connection. I entered the same administrative password but not sure about the username & every time i test the new connection it comes up saying invalid Username & Password. I got a link on Oracle web site http://www.oracle.com/technology/obe/sqldev/sqldev.htm#t1 In this example he says to use Username as "HR" 7 i tried this but it didnt work :( ..This link is from 2007 & not sure if in the latest version of it we need to use some other username & BTW this installation that i have done is on my Laptop.

            any help would be appreciated.

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              Lubiez Jean-Valentin

              How did you create your database ?

              If you created it with DBCA then, at one step, you should give a password for the SYS, SYSTEM, SYSMAN and DBSNMP account.

              Else, if you created it manually you may use a syntax like that:
              CREATE DATABASE <database_name>
              USER SYS IDENTIFIED BY <sys_password>
              USER SYSTEM IDENTIFIED BY <system_password>
              In this case, the password is given by the syntax you used.

              If in your syntax you didn't use the USER IDENTIFIED BY clause, then may be you created a database with default passwords which is not recommended.

              In this case, you may try SYSTEM / MANAGER.

              Hope this help.
              Best regards,
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                Lubiez Jean-Valentin

                If you still cannot connect to your database then you may reset the passwords as follow, being logged with the OS user on which you installed Oracle:

                1. Set the ORACLE SID variable:

                On windows:
                set ORACLE_SID=<SID>
                On Unix/Linux (shell):
                export ORACLE_SID=<SID>
                2. Use OS authentication:
                sqlplus /nolog
                connect / as sysdba
                3. Reset User password:
                alter user sys identified by <new_password>;
                alter user system identified by <new_password>;
                Then, you may try again a connexion.

                Hope this help.
                Best regards,