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    Data provider internal error(-3000) [system.string]

      I deployed my vb.net application in many user's desktop.
      my application is using odp.net.

      There was no problem in deploying in many XP desktop, but only one desktop has the problem like this;
      'Data provider internal error(-3000) [system.string]' when it starts..

      I think, it perhaps occurs at the step of db connection.

      I already reserched all of articles of OTN (regarding multiple install , wrong odp version,,,) but those are not useful...sorry..

      Any advises could be a big help for me...

      Thanks in advance.

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          Can you provide some additional details on the versions you are using when deploying your application. This type of exception in earlier versions was the direct result of mismatched dependencies. It would be helpful if you could provide some information on the line of code executing that results in the -3000.

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            Thank you for your quick help

            The infomation of my application is below:
            - The version of oracle client that my application using is "11.1.0".
            - The included oracle DLL files are : oci.dll, ociw32.dll, oraociei11.dll, oraops11w.dll, oracle,dataaccess.dll
            - .Net framework version is 3.5

            And unfortunately, the error message occurred from user's desktop in which has no Visual Studio tools to debug.
            so I can't know where the error happens, I'm sorry.
            But I think, as I first run the application, it may try to connect to oracle db. at that time the error happens..

            Only one PC has the problem....

            If you need additional info or something , please let me know.

            Thanks you so much
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              I recommend you use Process Monitor and get a detailed log of the application running on that desktop when it fails to see if there is some sort of dependency chain failure or permissions issue with loading dependencies. You can set a filter to the specific process name for your application. Start at the bottom of the log and see if there are any events such as loading a DLL or or dependency that failed due to not being found or permissions.

              This may provide some clue since this is machine specific.