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    how to open webcame

      i have Dell notebook model inspiron 1521.
      I have admission form where we have image to get picture of the student.
      so, here I want when I click on the image then cam automatically on to take the picture from the student.

      plz send complete coding.

      many thanks.
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          Zeeshan BaiG
          instead of going for complex solution and integrating forms with third party application

          Why not just take picture from the built-in software which comes with Camera.....and store on disk or database using forms ?
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            It's easy...
            Look at JMF (java media framework) and implement a bean (PJC) which get datas from a webcam and store the immage into BLOB..
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              Just use the Bilt in Software provided by the web came

              Then use OLE object and initiate the application use OLE and then
              invoke the methods use ole2.invoke methods

              Then change the default image file name as defined in the web came as per your need

              You have to do nothing more...
              easy and quick solution for the images.

              its working i have done it in one of my application..

              GOOD LUCK