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    Items not on-hand available after receiving


      I have a strange situation. I work with standard PO's and receiving of items with direct delivery routing. Everything worked fine till one moment, but then I came into a problem. For every receipt I make new quantities of items are not available on-hand. In Transaction Status Summary window some of these transaction have an error (error is "Destination subinventory is required"), but most of them have Transaction Status: Pending. Processing Mode for some of them is "Online" or "Immediate", bu mostly it is "Batch". Profile Option TP: INV Transaction Processing Mode is set to Online.

      I am confused how this happened. Did I miss something to do or what? Any help would be appriciate.

      We have EBS release 12.1.

      Tnx in advance,
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          Your transactions are pending i guess

          Please check pending transactions from cost periods, check the Resolution recommended section

          In resolving Pending Receiving Transactions the status and quantity received of the actual purchase order of the receiving transaction should be reviewed. If after reviewing the Purchase Order if the status is closed or complete and the purchase order quantity is equal to the quantity received then most likely the Pending Receiving transaction is a duplicate. Duplicate transactions can be deleted through the ‘Transaction Status Summary’ screen by clicking on the transaction line and then clicking on the delete icon.
          If after reviewing the Purchase Order of the Pending Receiving Transactions it is determined that the transaction should be processed it is recommended that a new receipt is created and processed. The original Pending Receiving Transaction should be deleted through the ‘Transaction Status Summary’ screen.
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            As I checked, there are 10 Pending Receiving transactions in Resolution Recommended section of cost periods screen.

            Also, I checked all transactions and found two cases where 2 receipts were made for 1 purchase order and quantities in every receipt is equal to quantity in PO, which means that total quantity of receipts made for the same PO exceeds PO's quantity. No transaction can be deleted from Transactions Status Summary window. I tried to make corrections to those extra receipts, but wasn't able to open them in Corrections Window.

            Anyway, I am not sure if those extra receipts made this situation, because there are pending transactions with earlier dates, and also every newly made receipt becomes pending.

            Any ideas, please?

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              Karthik Gopaluni
              When one of the receipt transaction fails the Transactions Status Summary window will have the record and if you try to make another receipt for the po there will be another line with the same details except for transaction date. We had these issues and most of the time it was due to deliver to location not present in the shipment line. Also check the latest item revision is matching the PO revision or not if this item inventory is not revision controlled.

              Please reply for further conversation.