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    PO Transmission Method is XML? How to retrive it.

    Vishal Majithia

      There is a client requirement to have PO Transmission Method as XML. For this, I have configured XML Gateway -> Trading Partner to enable XML Transmission.

      After this, when creating and approving PO, transmission Method is coming as XML by default as per Trading Partner setup.

      Now, query is how to retrive the XML file which has been created while approving the PO? Client wants this XML file to get transferred to the third party server.

      Any help will highly appreciated.
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          If all settings are OK, you should be able to find your XML file using the following procedure :

          - choose "Workflow administrator Web APplication" responsibility,
          - click on "Transaction Monitor" menu
          - check "outbound messages", party type = "", and adjust date : you should be able to find the movements relatives to your PO/PO transaction. Click on the transaction then you have a button "See XML" to access the XML file generated by Oracle

          Tell me if it is OK for you ?

          Take care,
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            Hi Xavier,

            Thanks for the reply.

            If you can tell me what are the settings I need to look for, it will be a great help.

            While submitting PO, I am getting the transmission method as XML but I am not able get that XML file which I want to send it to third party system.
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              Hi Vishal,
              I found most of the informations in the doc *115ecxug.pdf* (Oracle XML Gateway User’s Guide)

              Here is my setup to extract XML PO (a few things are to integrate XML invoices)

              1/ Patches
              First we had to apply 2 patches on our version 11.5i :
              1- For 11.5.10 apply consolidated XML gateway Patch 5737143
              2- And patch 7714567 to be able to integrate invoices matched to Release PO Orders (no need to match standard orders I think)

              2/ ECX Services
              Connect to "Oracle Application Manager"
              Menu : Site Map/ Workflow / Service Components
              Start the following services :
              - ECX Inbound Agent Listener
              - ECX Transaction Agent Listener

              3/ Profil option
              If your mailer is active setup the following option to receive e-mails : "ECX: System Administrator Email Address"

              4/ Trading Partner
              Resp : XML Gateway
              Menu : Define Trading partner

              Set your partner:
              Type = Supplier
              Choose a suplier/site (the info should be the same as for the PO of course)
              Add an e-mail (normally an admin of the target company, your e-mail for tests)

              Add a transaction :
              Transaction Type = PO
              Transaction Subtype = PRO
              Standard Code = OAG
              External transaction type = PO
              External transaction subtype = PROCESS
              Direction = OUT
              Map = itg_process_po_007_out
              Connection = DIRECT
              Protocol Type = SMTP
              protocol adress = your e-mail
              Source Trading Partner Location Code = a code identifying your EDI partner

              When you approve your PO you choose transmission method = EDI

              6/ Workflow
              Then to see the XML file you can follow the steps described in my previous message

              7/ SQL
              To see in the table you may qyery the tables :
              SELECT * FROM ecx_doclogs -- the field payload should contain the SQL
              WHERE direction = 'OUT'
              ORDER BY time_stamp DESC

              SELECT * FROM ECX_OUTBOUND_LOGS -- to see errors

              Unhappily (from my point of view) we didn't use it now, there was a choice to use EDI Gateway / flat files to extract PO so all the previous informations are in a prototype doc I made, but I have no feedback of a go live with this solution :°/
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                Vishal Majithia
                Hi Xavier,

                Thanks a lot for all your help. I am able to view the XML File now. One last help, by any chance, do you know how to download this XML File? I want to transfer this file to one third party server called NuBridges. So I am planning to transfer this file to a common location.

                Just for your information: I am on R12.1 and I need to apply Patch 7668283:R12.ITG.B before making this functionality working.
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                  Hi Vishal,
                  No, I didn't go further on this prototype, as we didn't choose this solution.

                  You should not be able to "download" a file as it is, as the content of the XML is in a blob field in a table. But once the message is generated in the queue, you have to setup OTA (Oracle Transport Agent) for file transmission.

                  I copy below what i found in the doc (R11), it should be quite the same in R12 :

                  Oracle Transport Agent
                  The Transport Agent is responsible for delivery of messages via the
                  following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and SMTP (e–mail, outbound only).
                  The message transport method is included in the Trading Partner
                  Definition and the Hub Definition forms.
                  Oracle Transport Agent is a messaging platform that enables messages
                  to be sent via HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP. Oracle Transport Agent Server
                  is a Java–based servlet that uses the OTA messaging protocol on top of
                  the HTTP Application protocol to support the following requirements:
                  • Exact once delivery of a message over HTTP(S)
                  • A complete audit and history tracking of messages sent and
                  • Support outbound e–mail delivery of messages (SMTP)
                  • Support server certificate authentication (when using SSL mode)
                  • Provide built–in Application user authentication to Oracle
                  e–Business Suite and Oracle Exchange
                  Oracle Transport Agent uses Apache as the web listener for inbound
                  messages, Java Servlet Engine (JServ) to dispatch to a Java Virtual
                  Machine (JVM) running the classes that will receive inbound messages
                  and enqueue them. The same JVM will serve both inbound requests, as
                  well as outbound posts.
                  Oracle AQ serves as the queue for inbound and outbound messages.
                  The Oracle Transport Agent (OTA) servlet accesses the AQ queues
                  using standard SQL over Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC).
                  Refer to the Oracle White Paper ”Understanding the Oracle
                  Transport Agent Messaging Protocol” and Configuring
                  Oracle Gateway Transport Agent (OTA) 1.0 for Oracle
                  Applications for more information.

                  Take care,
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                    Did you have all the doc about XML ? You may find the Oracle doc on http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B53825_04/current/acrobat/121ecxug.pdf.