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    Format Negative Number

      Hello everybody,

      How can I display negative numbers with BI Publisher?

      With an XML output I can see, for example, -1599, but with any other output the format is always only positive, 1599.

      I have tested from Microsoft Word to give to the field different masks, for example:

      But none works!

      Which is the correct mask or option in BI to display negative numbers?

      Thank you and regards.
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          Can you paste a sample of your XML data?

          For example, the negative value from the field 'VAL' displays fine in both the PDF and HTML formats. Have you tried to display the number without any formatting (formatting type - regular text)? Does it work?


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            my output XML is the following:

            <ACCOUNT>2140 </ACCOUNT>
            <DESCRIPTION>2005 Jeep Cherokee </DESCRIPTION>

            I have tried without format number or with text type for the field, but the problem is the same:
            - The previous output in XML is totally correct, but with other output, for example, HTLM or PDF, displays without negative symbol.

            I think that maybe the problem is with the template in Word... For this reason, I have tried with a lot of masks but the problem persists. There are any option to configure in Word or BI Publisher to display these values? Wich is a correct mask to display these values?

            Thank you and regards.

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              What version of the BI Publisher desktop do you have? I used the data you provided and was able to display the negative numbers with and without formatting. I used the formatting of #,##0.00 for the TOTAL field and the negative numbers display correctly. This is output in the PDF format.

              Account CostActAA Total
              2140 -15999.99 -15,999.99

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                  forgive me the delay.
                  Finally, I resolved the problem with the following format mask from Microsoft Word:

                  I hope it helps.

                  Thanks and regards.