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    OSB vs SOA suite

      What is difference and relationship between OSB and SOA suite?

      I see much much overlap between the two.
      1.DB adapter, mq adapter, file adapter, app adapter,etc, exist in oracle service bus 10.3.1.Also SOA suite 11g has all theses components.
      2.OSB is a WL domain in running time, SOA suite is also a WL domain in running time.

      The difference is OSB does not support BPEL but SOA suite does.

      Seems most of things done by OSB can also been done by SOA suite.

      In what scenario we should use OSB and in what scenario we should use SOA suite instead?
      Can someone give some helps on this?


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          Eric Elzinga
          OSB is like the name says a 'Service Bus' and the soa suite is a suite of components which can be used to create a service oriented architecture. In this suite there isn't and service bus available for you.
          So both products complement each other.
          It's true most actions can be done in both the products/suites, but you should see them both in 1 total solution. After that decide what you design in the osb and what you design in the soa suite components.

          if you check wikipedia for the definition of a service bus, you will see what the strengths are (or should be), some line virtualization/transformation/routing/etc.

          from my point of view i would say, you create your interface on the service bus, keep the flows in the service bus lightweigh, and route to the 'real' services. These could be modelled in the soa suite components, and in there do the business logic
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            In general, the SOA Suite (BPEL primarily) should be used for the orchestration. Here you decide which services does what, and in which order you do this. Typically you end up with a composite application.

            When it comes to routing and transformation between those composites you should use the OSB.
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              When transport mediation/data enrichment is required OSB is used. OSB is stateless engine, and use cases that require maintaining state of state should use BPEL.

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                This is an excellent question and it really comes to the purpose of "Oracle Mediator" and OSB/ALSB to basically perform the same function. This might be also a matter of Oracle licensing and the cost of SOA and OSB.