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    11g JMS adapter redelivery issue


      I am testing XA rollback scenario, My flow is JMS Adapter --> BPEL Process -->DB Adapter..When the DB adapter is error out , the transaction is rollback to JMS queue and weblogic is redelivering the message but when JMS the adapter receives the message second time(first redelivery), the rejected message handler is kicked off and the message is rejected(written to File)..The JMS queue is configured with redelivery count of four and an error queue is also configured...what I am trying to achieve is, weblogic should redeliver the message four times and if all attempts fail, the message should end up in error queue but for some reason the adapter’s rejected handler is picking up the message and writing it to file when the message is redelivered and committing the transaction as a result the message is lost(rejected)...would appreciate any help on this.

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          I am also trying to roll back the transaction in the similar scenario you have descrived.

          Reading a message using JMS Adapter from a topic ( MQ Server is the Messaging engine) and then trying to do a database operation. But for some reason it looks that the transaction is broken into 2 pieces.

          1. The Adapter reading the message.

          If I bring the SOA database down the transaction rolls back.

          2. The Bpel process getting kicked off and this starts another transaction

          Can you please share the settings that you have to have them in single transaction..

          Thanks for your help in advance.