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    PO Closed For Invoices

      I am entering purchase order and after approval i am entering receiving. After that i am matching this po with my ap-invoice and paying as well. But in po shipments its showing staus "Closed For Invoice" and i want to show my po status "approved and closed". Please guide me how i can get this.

      purhcase order>shipment>status (Tab) status clolumn is showing Closed For Invoice . i want to close status.

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          Karthik Gopaluni
          You can do it by PO Summary>>Shipments>>Tools>>Control>>Finally Close

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            I think this is the behaviour for 2-way po matching..
            If you are not doing receiving then receipt tolerence should be 100% to directly "CLOSE" the po shipment, line and header after invoicing.

            Check the metalink note
            PO Shipment is Closed For Invoicing , 2-way Match, PO Header And Line Open [ID 95429.1]

            Problem Description

            A Purchase Order was created and approved with 2-way matching specified. An invoice was matched. Instead of the PO automatically changing to a status of CLOSED, the PO Header and Line are now OPEN, and the Shipment is CLOSED FOR INVOICING. Why did the PO not automatically close?

            Solution Description

            - The following settings are necessary to achieve Close - Rolled Up status upon matching an invoice to a 2-way match PO.
            1) Receipt Close Tolerance = 100% Purchase Order Shipment --> More tab     
            Receipt Close Tolerance can be setup to default from several different levels which will eliminate the need to manually enter this information for each Purchase Order. Receipt Close Tolerance setup on the Line type used for ordering 2-way match items. See Oracle Purchasing User Guide ->Purchase Order Defaulting Rules for more information

            2) Receipt Close Point = RECEIVE     Setup --> Organizations --> Purchasing Options (Control region)

            For an existing PO whose shipments are CLOSED FOR INVOICING
            If the Receipt Close Tolerance was set to anything other than 100%, a manual receipt must be performed from the Enter Receipts form. This will change the PO from a status of Closed for Invoicing to Closed as long as the Receipt Close Point was set to RECEIVE.
            If the Receipt Close Point was set to DELIVER, a Deliver transaction must be performed from the Receiving Transactions form. This will change the PO status to closed.

            Receipt Close Tolerance = 100% indicates that no receipts are required; . A Receipt Close Tolerance of 0% would mean that the entire quantity must be received.
            Receipt Close Point = RECEIVE indicates that a Receipt is the only transaction required to close the receiving activity for the PO shipment. If this is set to DELIVER, then a RECEIPT and and DELIVER transaction are required.

            If these two settings are in place when a PO is approved, a receipt is automatically performed and the shipment status is automatically changed to Closed for Receiving. The only remaining action required for the PO to close is to match an invoice. Once an invoice is matched to a PO whose shipments are Closed for Receiving, the PO status will be automatically Closed (Closed - Rolled Up).


            Hope this helps!

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              For an existing PO whose shipments are CLOSED FOR INVOICING, Receipt Close Point = DELIVER, invoice is matched to a PO whose shipments are Closed for Receiving but still the PO Staus is Open.

              Can you let us know what more can be done to indentify what went wrong to clso eth ePO line automatically.