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    UCM SMTP server Configuration

      Need help configuring UCM 10gR2 to send emails with godaddy smtp mail server as follows in config.cfg:


      Result is:

      Caused by: java.lang.Exception: !csSMTPInvalidMessage,"System Administrator" <user@domain.com>!csSMTPUnableToFindRecipients,1 at intradoc.common.SmtpClient.writeMultiMsg(SmtpClient.java:582) at intradoc.common.SmtpClient.sendMail(SmtpClient.java:354) ... 22 more

      Caused by: java.lang.Exception: !csSMTPResponseIndicatesFailure,553 Sorry\, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts. at intradoc.common.SmtpClient.writeMsg(SmtpClient.java:543) at intradoc.common.SmtpClient.writeMultiMsg(SmtpClient.java:567) ... 23 more

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          To use public smtp server like gmail then you have to write custom java components where you have to write SMTP code and call it using service. It will work.

          Thanks and Regards
          Shakti Panda

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            I think you will find that the SMTP connection is working but the SMTP server is returning a 553 error code back to UCM.

            Normally this would mean an authentication issue or a domain issue.

            I have connected manually to the smtp server you are using and it does not support sending of emails for anonymous users.

            I am not aware that UCM supports authentication of the SMTP connections so I think you have two options

            1)Write java code to manage authenticated connection to the smtp server

            2)see if you can configure a local smtp server that could relay messages to internet

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              Thank you for the quick response.

              I was unable to find any documentation that indicated (1) the smtp mail server did not allow anonymous send mail or (2) UCM does not support authentication of SMTP connections, but after posting the question I did come to both conclusions. I have configured my own SMTP mail server an all appears to be working.
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                Hi, could you explain it how you get it works?