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    Deployment Issue

    Raghu Viriyala-Oracle
      After deploying an application, weblogic shows the deployment health in warning.
      Following is the error observed in the deployment log:

      [fa:deploy] <killbill>: WLS AdminServer Log:May 25, 2010 16:01:57 IST:Job Manager is unable to secure a database connection named 'java:comp/env/jdbc/WebCenterDS', which is required for the Job Manager to function properly. All Job Manager services will be disabled.
      [fa:deploy] <killbill>: WLS AdminServer Log:May 25, 2010 16:01:57 IST:The Message-Driven EJB: ESSAppEndpoint is unable to bind to the JCA resource adapter: ess/ra. The Error was:
      No deployed ResourceAdapter with adapter JNDI name = 'ess/ra' was found.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.