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    Reserved error (-7731) problems


      I was wondering if someone could help me.
      I am trying to work with an MYSQL database with a ODBC link. I cannot open these via Access or Excel though.
      I have Oracle 10g installed on the server

      I am trying to do this direct on the server (Running server 2003 with bits of office 2007 installed) and also on my PC (XP with office 2007)

      If I try to open it from Access I get the error 'Reserved error (-7731); There is no message for this error.
      I can see the list of the databases but cannot open them.
      If I try to open this from Microsoft Query it comes up with the error String Data, 'Right Truncated' the the next message is 'Couldnt read this file'

      Both these errors come up on the server and on my PC.