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    Default Segment of DFF on Requisition Line to Requisition Distribution


      does somebody know if it is possible to default entries in DFF on requisition line to a DFF on requisition distribution?
      I wonder if I might succeed somehow in setting up the DFF on requisition distribution with a default value that is pulled from DFF on requisitin line. And: Even if I will be able to do this, might it be possible to work without opening the DFF on distribution level?

      Currently I have no idea how to do it. Does anybody have an idea? How can I do this?

      To be very clear:
      I want to setup DFF on requisition lines.
      Setup DFF with same segments on requisition distributions.
      Whenever user enters value into DFF on requisition lines, the values shall be copied into DFF on distribuitons.

      Thanks for any help!!!!