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      Thank you for taking time to review my question.
      I have inherited a rules based warranty program and am trying to figure out a few issues.
      The package seems to create headers, lines, and covered items most of the time correctly. However there is a scenario where the x_return_status returns 'S' yet the x_service_line_id is NULL. I am not sure how determine why the x_service_line_id is null and can not create the covered lines without a Service line id.

      In this scenario the contract header exists from previous job run. Header, contract line already exists for sales order line 1, next day sales order line 2 ships and program should create second service line with a new bunch of covered lines. This is when we have issue. no errors are shown.

      Here is my API call:

      (p_k_line_rec => v_in_contract_line,
      p_contact_tbl => v_chr_rec_oks_contact,
      p_line_sales_crd_tbl => v_chr_rec_oks_sales,
      x_service_line_id => vServiceLineId,
      x_return_status => vReturnStatus2,
      x_msg_count => vMsgCount,
      x_msg_data => vMsgData2

      I am not sure of all info needed so you can try to help, i'll glad add anything I can to help.

      Thanks in advance!