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    value dimension

      Hi All,

      what is the difference betwee:

      parent curr --- parent
      parent curr adj --- parent adj

      in value dimension and how do these members get values.

      what is Elemination / Propotion / Contribution / Contibution Adj and how do these members get values.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          The difference is in the adjustment members. When you share an Entity under two or more parents, if you post a journal to +<Parent Curr Adjs>+ the journal will count to all parents. However, if you post the journal to +[Parent Adjs]+ you can specify the parent on which you want it to apply.
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            Varun Kaushal
            The difference betwwen Parent Curr and Parent is that

            At <parent curr> the translation happens. <parent> is basically the total of <parent curr> and <parent curr adjs>.

            The difference between <parent curr adjs> and <parent adjs> is that

            The value of the <parent curr adjs> will role up for all the parents of that particular entity. Whereas the value of <parent adjs> will rollup to a particular parent of that entity when this entity is comming in 2 seperate hierarchies as a shared member.

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              You will find some useful information on use of the value dimension in the consolidation process here:

              and here: