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    is Oracle DB/Client Windows 7 or Windows 2008R2 certified ?


      I have 2 related questions

      is 10g or 11g DB Windows 2008R2 Officially Certified ?

      is Oracle Client for any of the above Officially Certified for Windows 7?

      we have an application that works on Oracle DB (currently 10g and 11g in the near future) and require Oracle Client to be installed on the PCs so the application will work

      we are truing to get the application windows 7 certification (compatible)

      from Microsoft Website:

      Prerequisite Components
      Components required as a prerequisite 6 for the core functionality 7 of another application must comply with the Windows 7 logo technical requirements outlined in this document. Failure to pass the validation tests will cause the application subject to Windows 7 logo testing to fail. This rule applies even if the prerequisite component is not included in the installation package. If the prerequisite application has already earned a Windows logo 8 , then no further testing is required.

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