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    oracle inventory > physical inventory (exclude zero balances check) problem


      We are performing physical inventory in inventory module

      all is going good but there is one problem

      suppose there is item A
      it is located in A.0.0 with qty of 10
      and it is also located in A.0.1 with qty of -10

      if we see the onhand qty from on-hand qty workbench, it would show 0 unless we drill down , then it would show 10 and -10 in specific locators

      The snapshot which is taken also shows the same, it would show two tags of item A for each of the locator with qty of 10 and -10

      now here is the real question

      item B is received in B.0.0 [qty 10]
      item b is then issued from B.o.o [qty 10]
      thus making it nill

      now whhen definng snapshot, there is a check "exclude zero balances"..if we dont check it..the above item B is not coming when the snapshot completes..than wats the use of this check

      is this an oracle bug

      please advice