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    /usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so unable to find library 'libdms2.so'

      Hi all,

      I am configuring Oracle web tier 11g on a HP-UX Itanium Machine.

      in webcache admin, listen port tab, i tried to put in port 80 as one od the port it listened. then i webcache_setuser.sh setroot user_id as per instructed, and it looks fine.

      but in the end when i try to restart using ./opmnctl startall, webcache failed to start and as i view the log, this message appear:

      */usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so unable to find library 'libdms2.so'*

      i'm out of idea already. i set SHLIB_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, also didn't work.

      please, guys. thanks a lot.