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    Can't access a record with an ActionLink

      Hello !

      I put an actionlink in a report to allow to go directly into the concerned Service request from the homepage report by clicking on the service request number.

      Even if the service request exists i got this message :
      *"The record you are trying to access has been deleted or has been assigned a new owner and you no longer have access to it. If you deleted the record, it may be accessed in Deleted Items. If you continue to have problems contact your Oracle CRM On Demand Administrator"* in the customer request detail and this message

      and this message on the related information :
      This operation is not allowed when there are no records displayed. Please execute a query that returns at least one record or add a new record.(SBL-DAT-00215) on the related information.

      By other ways i can access this record normally...

      Has someone an idea?

      Thanks for your help!