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    WLST script to create DBAdapter configuration

      Has anybody tried to create a DBAdapter configuration using a WLST script.

      Works fine if you create it manually using the console, but you are not able to record the steps using the record functionality (Script is empty).
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          hopefully you have already got answer to your question from some other source, but here's any way how I update DbAdapter configuration.

          I generate deployment plan for DbAdapter in development time by admin console like you have done.

          Copy the deployment plan to production environment, then use wlst or weblogic.Deployer to update adapter:
          source <domain location>/bin/setDomainEnv.sh
          java weblogic.Deployer -adminurl t3://<admin-url>:<admin server port> -user <admin user> -password <password> -update -name DbAdapter -plan <db plan location>/DBPlan.xml

          This way I can do my production environment deployment script based, no need to use GUI.
          It's also possible to use wlst instead of weblogic.Deployer, but haven't tried that yet.

          Hope this was helpful.

          regards, Matti