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    File adapter polling and getting the file name 11g Jdeveloper

      I am using JDeveloper 11g. My process is something like;
      A file adapter reads a XML file
      This triggers the BPM process, file content is sent to start activity as message

      I have to get the file name that is read by file adapter.

      How to do that? Any help is appreciated.

      I have seen couple of answers like bellow in forum but did not help me much

      This is a very simple task in JDeveloper 11g, file adapters are linked to the receive activity, here there is a tab called Properties which you can use to extract the file name. Please follow the steps below:

      1. Create a Simple Type variable of string type, call it fileName_var or any name you wish.
      2. Open the Receive activity in your bpel project.
      3. Scroll down to jca.file.FileName and double click on the value column, click on the browse button (...), select Variable, then click the search icon
      4. Locate your recently created variable
      5. Now when your project runs it will assign the file name to this variable, you can use this same approach also to pull the directory, file size, etc.