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    Inventory Org

      Hi gurus

      I want to know if the expense account is the wrong account on the Inventory org,what can i do to change the account,since is grayed out.

      thanks in advance
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          When you change the accounts, it will have an impact on the items on hand also Interface Trip Stop process will have some issues while shipping execution for items that reserved.

          Make sure about consequences.

          Best regards

          Bilal SARIOZ
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            thanks for the respond,but then tell me if you using average costing,and you have twu subinventories how can you make the charge account/matarial account different between the two subinventories since the accounts default from the inventory org,

            and what impact if we create another inverntory org and change the costing to 'standard' for the sake of these subinventories?

            thanks in advance