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    Several questions about using deployment plan

    Marcel Mertin

      I have several questions about generate and import deployment plan. I generate the deployment plan and save it in AIA_HOME. To import the DP the generated DP I must edit the file and change the attribute for wlserver from
      <ManagedServer wlserver="pips.TTUC" action="shutdown" failonerror="true"/>
      <ManagedServer wlserver="pips.TTUC" action="start" failonerror="true"/>
      <ManagedServer wlserver="fp" action="shutdown" failonerror="true"/>
      <ManagedServer wlserver="fp" action="start" failonerror="true"/>

      and I must extend the AIAInstallProperties with Custom-PIP elements. In my case:
      <server> <adminhostname>HOSTNAME</adminhostname>

      I didn't dound this step in Developers Guide. Is this the right way? Is there a script to do this steps automaticly?

      Kind Regards from Karlsruhe
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          Raghavateja Kalapatapu
          Hey Marcel !

          you got that right. AIAInstallProperties.xml should be set up as you have shown. In addtion to that you have to encrypt the passwords in the AIAInstallProperties.xml.

          Consider that you wish to update a password in your AIAInstallProperties.xml with part of its structure as follows













          If you wish to change the password under the o2c tag do the following
          source AIA_HOME/aia_instances/<aia_instance>/bin/aiaenv.sh
          cd $AIA_HOME/util/UpdateStore
          ant generate
          In the UI that pops up enter the following values:

          username : dummy

          password : welcome1

          XPath : /properties/pips/o2c/password

          This should update the password in the AIAInstallProperties.xml file with the new password that you have entered. Also this will encrypt the same in the properties file.

          Let me know if you have additional questions.

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            Marcel Mertin
            Hey Teja,

            thanks for reply, you answer my second part. But what is with the deployment plan? I must edit the value of wlserver, that it works. Is this normal or is there a failure in my BoM?

            Is there a script to provide the informations for custom-pips in AIAInstallProperties or must I manually enter the values? And is it a must to encrypt the password? I think it works without encryption ;-)

            Regards from Karlsruhe
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              Hi Marcel,
              We are using pips.TTUC because fp and pip can be on different servers.
              Even if they are on the same server, there is no need to modify the deployment plan.
              The AIAInstallProperties needs to be extended with the PIP server details as you have mentioned above. In case of fp and pip sharing the same server the pip server details will be same as the fp server details.

              Regarding using the cleartext passwords, you can always use that , but all the passwords in the properties file should be cleartext . You cannot have encrypted password for one field and cleartext password for another field.
              For using unencrypted AIAInstallProperties file, you should set the "isencrypted" under "aiainstance" tag to false .