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    Developer suite 11g??

      Hi everyone,

      We are currently on Oracle 10g database server and Oracle 10g Application server. Currently, we have Oracle Developer Suite 10g installed on our machines. We developed Oracle forms and Reports usinfg this 10g Developer suite.

      In near future, we are moving to Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware.

      My question is, in order to developer forms and reports for 11g fusion middleware, do we need to install some kind of Oracle Developer Suite 11g?? Is there such a thing?? Or we can stay at Oracle Developer Suite 10g??

      My guess is we do need to install Oracle Developer Suite 11g to develop forms and report, but I have been unable to find the fusion developer suite 11g on Oracle's website

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          François Degrelle
          <p>Read this</p>

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            Zekeriya Besiroglu

            you can use 11g forms service with 10g developer suite.

            Oracle 11g forms is server side. And No 11g developer suite for client side.

            Other side i recommed to use And test apex.

            And apex have Oracle forms migration wizard

            hope this helps
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              François Degrelle
              Of course, you can also download a client version of Forms 11g if you want to code the new triggers !

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                Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Software Downloads

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                  Zekeriya Besiroglu

                  user says install some kind of Oracle Developer Suite 11g?? Is there such a thing?? Or we can stay at Oracle Developer Suite 10g??

                  pls send me developer suite 11g?

                  others for just 11g service.

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                    Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                    I guess it's time to clear up speculation and confusion...

                    In release 10.1.2 there were several distributions available:

                    1. Application Server 10gR2 : This runtime installation supported Forms and Reports, but required a complete installation which included an "Infrastructure" home and a "Middle Tier (Application Server) home.

                    2. *Forms & Reports Services Standalone 10gR2* : This runtime installation was (in my opinion) poorly named. This was a Forms and Reports supported middle tier installation which did not have an Infrastructure dependency. It is essentially the same installation as #1 except there is no Infra installation. So, it really is not just for Forms or Reports use, but most any applications which would not require Infra.

                    3. *Developer Suite 10gR2* : This installation was strictly for design-time. It included all the application builders like Forms, Reports, Sql+, Designer, etc. It also included a lightweight version of OC4J which was intended for single user, local use only during application design.

                    In release 11, it was decided to package all of the above options into one distribution. This gives the person performing the installation the ability to pick and choose which components are desired. This single distribution (titled "Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer") includes everything you need to install Builders, runtime components, HTTP Server, Web Cache, or almost any mixture of these. Just run the installer and pick what you want to install. If you just want the Forms and Reports Builder, simply check those boxes and uncheck what you don't want. However, because the Builders are dependant on their associated runtime (for testing), some of the Runtime options will automatically be selected. Conversely, if you are configuring a production (runtime) environment, there is no dependency on the Builders so you can deselect them in this case.

                    Regardless of which options you choose to install, all will require that WLS be installed FIRST. WLS is a separate download and installation.

                    As for which versions of Forms can be used with FMw 11, like previous versions, the major release of the form (fmx) must correspond to the major release of the Runtime environment. In other words you CANNOT run a 10.1.2 FMX in a v11 environment. The original FMB would need to be recompiled to generate a v11 FMX. You can use the 10.1.2 Builder to design your forms (fmb) and then compile and run them in 11, but this is not recommended as you would not be able to take advantage of the new features and bug fixes included in 11. If you have no interest in using the new features in 11, then I guess it really doesn't matter which Builder version you use. :)

                    Before downloading, installing, and using any version, be sure to carefully review the appropriate license agreement.


                    Michael Ferrante
                    Senior Principal Support Engineer
                    Forms Global Technical Lead
                    Oracle America, Inc
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                      Hi Michael,

                      Can you confirm that in order to install Oracle 11g Forms and Reports developer tool, I need to install WebLogic Server on my workstation from the following URL (FIRST LINK)


                      It is 1 GIG large. Are you sure you are not talking about server side installation?

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                        Ady Keeling
                        Yes you do need to install Weblogic first, for the client side development environment as well as the server side production environment.

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                          i am working on oracle database version and i need to develop oracle application.which "Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer" version can i use?please send me the link...