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    Inventory and PO accountitng

      Hi Gurus

      i'm struggling to comprehent the accounting or the movement rather in inventory.

      eg; the subinventory adopt the material account from inventory org,and can't be overriten when using average costing.
      these account wiil default when creating a requision, right.
      1.) then when PO is received,what happens?
      2.) if we have two subinventories,and they both have different account,how do we deal with that if the accounts default from the inventory org and can't be overriten?

      please help guys

      thank you
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          Karthik Gopaluni

          For Question 1

          rcv inspection required items

          rcv txn

               (rcv insp/rcv account) debited

          (inv AP accnt) credited

          transfer and accept transaction does not create any accounting.

          after delivery to the sub inventory we will have

          (rcv insp/rcv account) credited

          (inv val accnt) debited

          For Question 2

          If you have WMS then you can use CG (cost group) rules which can be build on item categories by which you can hit different accounts than the ones what you have at the sub inventory/ inventory org level.