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    Performance of DB using rules manager


      We are using 3 rule classes in our app,and the structure is as below -

      Rule class1 - composite event having 2 primitive events; duration 1 minute
      Rule class2 - composite event having 6 primitive events; duration 3 minutes
      Rule class3 - composite event having 2 primitive events; duration 30 minutes

      The working is as below -
      If we get 2 requests in 1 minute (i.e 2 events from rule class 1 triggered in 1 min), an event from rule class 2 is triggered.
      If 6 events from rule class 2 are present in session, an event from rule class 3 is triggered which will persist for 30 minutes.

      Now if we get around 1000 requests in a span of 20 minutes, does the above implementation have an impact on the performance of the database(Our DB is oracle 10g R2 having RAC architecture with 2 nodes).

      We are seeing high redo logs and high cpu usage on one of the nodes.
      Wanted to understand how the above implementation can contribute(if it does) towards this performance impact.


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