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What's the Difference between Contact Center Anywhere and Contact On Demand

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What's the difference between Contact Center Anywhere(CCA) and Contact On Demand(COD)? We want to do a integration about CRMOD and Contact Center, find that Siebel also has a contact, so what's the difference? thanks.

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    There are several differences, the biggest being that CCA is on premise and COD is hosted in our Austin Data Center. The software beneath the two applications are from the same DNA, but COD is typically considered "lighter" becuase it doesn't have all the deep functionality of the on premise product. As a result, however, COD implementaitons are much faster and is a much more cost effective solution for small to medium sized companies looking to capitalize on the functionality of CCA at a subscription price. Furthermore, COD integrates out of the box with CRM On Demand. Screen pops, integrated analytics and a soft phone toolbar are included functionality within CRM On Demand when you buy it bundled with COD. CCA integrations are done individually, usually by OCS. COD works exclusively with partners for our implementations.
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    We use COD, and I have to say I'm quite pleased with it from the administrative side. Is is the most flexible, robust solution in the world? No. But, it was extremely quick to implement, we can add numbers quickly, and we can change our call routing in the blink of an eye without having to resort to requesting help from specialists and waiting days or weeks for our phone services area to handle it.
    I do want to add one caveat on the CRMOD bundling -- chat does NOT work out of the box with the bundled client. The other caveat I would add is on the reporting side. It's limited on the COD side -- you can control what users, workgroups, projects, and sometimes intervals on the reports, but the selection of reports is limited and some of the terminology and documentation isn't as clear as it can be. And format options are limited. Even when you can choose .txt or .xls it still looks like the printed format with page numbers, repeated headers, etc. Tedious, but not insurmountable.
    I presume using CCA would allow direct database access (and in turn more reporting flexibility.)
    That being said, I think the COD supervisor client is a good tool for real-time information. It's easy to understand the current state of affairs.
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    what is the workgroup and agent concepts in COD and how does it differ from regular CRMOD user management?
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    I'm not sure exactly what your after, but here are basics:

    Agents are your users. They can be supervisors or agents. There is a many to many relationship between supervisors and agents.

    A Workgroup is the grouping of agents. Another term that is often used is 'queue'. Inbound interactions (calls, voicemails, email) are sent to a specific workgroup based on the path chosen by the caller in the call flow (for voice). Emails can be sent to a specific workgroup by key words in the subject or body of the email.

    In CRM, roles are setup similar to this. A grouping of users based on some criteria (business group or process, etc).

    There is no application level mapping between roles in CRM and workgroups in COD. Any relationship between the two is defined by the CRM administrator, but there is no requirement that there be a 'Billing' role in CRM if there is a Billing workgroup in COD. There is a requirement for the agents in CRM to match COD however.

    Let us know if you need more information or I went the wrong direction with my response.




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