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    Can the Admin Tool be run as a standalone app?

      Can the Admin Tool run without logging into a Dispatch Workstation?
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          Yes it can.
          In fact you actually side step licensing issues by doing this because "technically" you are
          not running a dispatcher workstation and therefore don't need to pay for another license.
          The file to run is usually located in: DispatchStation\AdminTools and is called: ResourceManager.exe

          You would need to take EVERYTHING from the AdminTools directory to run the tool.
          You'd also want to make sure that the config file: ResourceManager.exe.config still makes
          sense for the machine that you are on.

          One word of caution: Running the Admin tool stand-alone is not really encouraged. Not a lot
          of testing has been done in this regard and you may run into issues that have not been
          seen when the admin tool is run as part of the dispatcher workstation.

          I'm not sure if the stand-alone admin tool is even officially supported.

          I CAN say that much of the functionality that you see from the too when it is run as part of the DW
          does work when it is stand-alone, just don't expect 100%.