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    One Time Delivery Address in iProcurement

      Hi there

      Trying to utilise the One Time Delivery Address in iProcurement ( and cannot find the tags used in the XML to populate the PO template.

      I noticed that there is a bug in R12 iProcurement where the ONE_TIME_ADDRESS tags are not being output correctly in iProcurement requisitions, but haven't seen anything similar for 11.5.10. Incidentally, these tags don't seem to work either.

      I've managed to produce the XML for a requisition created in the core Purchasing forms, but the path/tags in this XML document don't seem to work when I include them in the PO template. Anyone actually know what the tags are and what the path is for this? Is there any way of getting the XML from an iProcurement-based requisition before it merges with the PO template in the CREATEPO workflow process?

      I'd really appreciate anything people may have for me here, this has been going on a bit too long...