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    Question regarding  Blanket Purchase Order by Category functionality

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement that Strategic buyers will fill agreement with supplier by item Category level
      Agreement will be on Price level and will have expiration date

      The category level will contain list of items Part numbers which are the same item from technically :
      Our business is on the electronics contract manufacturing and we are producing for Customers from the High Tech industry .In order to keep each customer process and unique environment we are coding the item Part # per customer since of that the same electronic component having different part # per customer
      Each night we running MRP run (ASCP) and the Planner release Planned order to request ion
      Is there a way to support this process as the following :
      1 create sourcing rule by category set and assigned the relevant items to the category set
      2 Create Blanket Po by Category level with expiration date and Price

      When releasing Planned order from ASCP (Mrp) it is Creating requisition on item level
      Will it Auto release the Pr to Po based on the Blanket by Category level and derived the Price?
      The requirement is that the purchase requisition will derive the price from the agreement based on assigned Category level and will automatically convert to Purchase order

      I will appreciate your advise