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    EBS R12 demo videos needed


      My company is looking for "video tutorials" to train its financial Users who are new to E-business Suite.

      I tried to use the videos available at "www.handsonerp.com". However the management said that these videos at handsonerp.com explain the modular structure of E-Business suite in the form of charts and diagrams while they are looking for the videos which should contain the recording of Actual Navigation, login to Applications, selecting a responsibility, opening forms, submitting a request etc etc. They are even ready to buy them, if they are not available for free. I have been looking for such a source on Google for 2 days but could not find something suitable.

      Could someone please suggest me a good site which has Oracle Apps Video tutorials for financial Users, who are new to E-Biz suite.

      We need tutorials for the following topics:

      1. Oracle Applications Introduction and Overview (general navigation for a new User to make him familiar with Apps.)

      2. Oracle Applications Payables.

      3. Oracle Applications General Ledger.

      Please help me in finding some good resource.

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          Hi muneer,
          You can use UPK which contains all your requirements. Please Download and install UPK from e-delivery.

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            Muneer, Videos at handsonerp.com are not only charts and diagrams but they do contain demos of real application but more from functional consultants perspective. Demos include configuring ledgers, entering journals, posting journals, opening periods, mass allocation, reporting currency ledgers etc.
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              ohhh is it ?? ...actually i just tried the videos in "Introduction To ERP" i.e. the first article. In those videos, they have not shown any login screens, navigation in applications, instead only charts and modules are there. So I thought that's the way they are explaining.

              thanks for your inputs, i will check videos in Payables and General ledger categories too.

              also Thanks to Tahir.